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PodCon 2019 – What to See and Where to Be


Now in its second year, PodCon 2 has become an annual date in our diary and we can’t wait for this weekend’s event.

If you’re not already aware of PodCon 2 – get informed! Last year’s event impressed us so much – the quality of panels and speakers got us so excited for the podcasting industry. That’s why we decided to show our support to the event by becoming lead sponsors for this year’s meet, which is expecting over 3,000+ attendees.

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What Offline Networking Means for Online Brand Success


When you attended your last conference, did you notice people mentioning social media channels? For example, did guest speakers give attendees a hashtag to follow? Or did workshop hosts ask participants to “like” their Facebook pages?

If so, you’ve witnessed individuals maximizing their offline activities, in order to increase their online personas. These methods keep highly-networked audiences engaged with your brand after your in-person encounters. As a podcaster, it’s to your benefit to recreate and personalize these techniques to draw attention to your show,

Research shows that “90% of word-of-mouth conversations about brands take place offline, primarily face-to-face.” While we hope our social media campaigns go viral, the data tells us that most links only reach 5-10 people. Therefore, conversations with folks at the grocery store, your favorite restaurant, a baseball game, or anywhere people meet offline brings a greater sense of credibility.

Create relentless buzz about your podcast. Here are four ways to use your offline networking efforts for online success:

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“The Benefits of Networking for Podcasters” an Interview with Joe Pardo


Joe Pardo is a podcaster with a passion for hosting great events, that’s why back in December of 2014 he started setting up the Mid-Atlantic Podcast Conference. The initial idea was to bring podcasters together for meetups and through Google Hangouts, and then to eventually grow into conferences. After seeing the fervent interest in having a podcast (exclusive) conference in the northeast, Joe Pardo jumped on the opportunity to make it happen.

We had a great conversation with Joe about how both hard and exciting it is to start podcasting, and how social media and networking are fundamental to turning your podcast into a real success. Read the interview to know more about the event and how to being part of it!

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