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Apple Podcasts Category Changes Explained

Apple announced at the WWDC 2019 in early June that they would be updating how they categorize podcasts, with the aim of making podcasts more discoverable. To date, it hasn’t been confirmed precisely when these new categories will appear on Apple Podcasts, however, we wanted to summarize exactly what we do know and look at what you need to do now in order to be compliant with the new categories.

So, what sort of changes do Apple Podcasts have lined up? Well, lots! So far we know that True Crime will be added as a totally new category, Games & Hobbies will be rebranded as Leisure, History will become a stand-alone category and tons of subcategories will be added – for example, each sport will be getting its own channel. This gives you the opportunity to get nice and specific with how you classify your podcast.

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Listening Podcasting Tips

4 Ways to Stay Up-To-Date on Podcasting News

(Updated November 2019) If you’re a podcaster or are somehow involved in the field, you probably find it a bit frustrating to easily stay up-to-date with the latest podcasting news.

As someone who works daily with podcast-related news, it’s kind of hard to find fresh, good news about what’s going on. Researching via Google means spending several minutes filtering out fake news about new podcasts from the real, quality news about the last updates. That’s why we’ve decided to share some useful tips on how to stay up to date without any effort, or almost, with you!

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How Podcasting is Shaping the US Election

In honor of ds106 radio and thinking ahead to our session at Northern Voice 2011, this retro mic was suggested as a prop-- it is pretty much a plastic piece of junk- it does record audio, with noise, and it wont work at all streaming with Nicecast. But it does have a light on top.

Traditionally, election campaigns are filled with staged photo opportunities in neighborhoods across the country featuring all walks of life. The familiar site of politicians kissing any baby that moves now feels a little too contrived for comfort, especially when coupled with clichéd sound-bites to show the big picture to hard-working families of how they will reform and empower the people to build a better future for America.

The final ingredient required to make any election campaign a real game-changer is the overuse of metaphors to deliver their message into TV’s multiple rooms in every home across the United States. However, voters aged 18-34 are now ditching the humble TV and have heard these buzzwords words one too many times.

Whoever spends the most millions on television adverts is no longer guaranteed to pick up the keys to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. This message now only reaches a fraction of voters compared to the past and those that it does reach are growing tired of over-familiar empty words that now fall on deaf ears to the modern, sophisticated electorate.

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Monday News!

Spreaker headquarters is buzzing with new ideas, and we want to give you a sneak peek of what we’ve been plotting and planning!

Here are some glimpses on what we’ve had going on this week:

Something’s a brewin’ in Berlin! Yes, that’s right, we’re pulling things together for a podcasters meetup, right in Spreaker’s hometown. Keep your eyes peeled this week for information on when and where to go.

In tech and development, we’ve got improvements heading your way, back to back:

Miss the sneak peeks of our mobile stats? Pro users will soon be able to see new, beautiful animation on both the Android and iOS apps showcasing their likes, follows, and listener sources.

SONOS is a wireless home speaker system that allows you to play your favorite audio in your kitchen, bedroom, bathroom – the choice is yours, and soon you’ll be able to integrate it with Spreaker. Stay tuned!

We’re working on improving Tube, our Pro feature that connects Spreaker with any external mixer of your choice. We’ll be smoothing things out for easier and more stable integration.

Want to contribute your ideas? Comment below with what you’d like to see soon on Spreaker!

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Spreaker Issues Statement in Support of OccupygeziRadio’s Defiance of Turkish Censorship

“Twitter of Audio” thwarts censorship

San Francisco (June 6, 2013) — As Turkey’s Prime Minister misguidedly blasted social media as the “…Worst menace to society,” he heralded the arrest of 25 Twitter users in an attempt to further squelch citizens’ voices and amplify the muting of the press in the tumultuous country.

Quote attributable to Spreaker co-founder and CEO Francesco Baschieri:

“As the heavily-censored, government-run media attempts to ignore the realities and atrocities taking place in Turkey at this very moment, the people of Turkey are not standing idly by, but they are taking to social media in record numbers, even at the risk of arrest for doing so. Spreaker is proud to stand for free speech and giving the people of Turkey a voice to speak out against repression and censorship.”

OccupygeziRadio , the voice of the Turkish protests, have been interviewing people from Turkey – live — using the Spreaker platform, which automatically shares the live broadcasts or recorded podcasts throughout social networks directly from mobile devices or desktops.

The young trio is London-based, each with his or her own experience of how the horror has started, their worries and fears, and the goals guiding them to create the show. From London to Istanbul, Occupygeziradio is constructing a connecting bridge of stories and human acts. Here’s what they shared with Spreaker in a recent blog post about the unfolding stories from within Turkey.

About Spreaker

Spreaker is a free online application that lets people create, share and discover live audio broadcasts from any computer, tablet or mobile phone. Founded in 2009, Spreaker is based in San Francisco with offices in Berlin. For more information about Spreaker, please visit: http://www.spreaker.com


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