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6 Terrifying Podcasts for Halloween

Bolt your doors, lock your windows and get ready to settle in for some of the scariest, eeriest and most terrifying podcasts around. There’s no better way to get into the Halloween spirit (pardon the pun) than to listen to a horror story, so we’ve picked a range of podcasts, from audio dramas to real-life accounts of paranormal activity, to send some shivers down your spine.

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Podcasting Tips

8 Podcasts for literature lovers to get lost in

Today is Book Lover’s Day – a day for celebrating all things literary, and boy oh boy have we got a great list of podcasts for you to get stuck into.

Whether you love discovering the hottest new authors like Rachel Kushner, are a budding writer looking for tips to get off the ground or want a tongue-in-cheek analysis of the best awful erotic fiction out there – you’ll find something to listen to in our list.

So read on and remember to never judge a book (or a podcast) by its cover!

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