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How Has the Podcast Industry Evolved, and How Can You Evolve with It? An Interview with Colin Gray


Want to finally get the ball rolling on your podcast business? The Podcast Host Academy provides helpful coaching and courses that can help you launch, grow, and earn an income from your content.

We spoke with Colin Gray, founder of The Podcast Host Academy, about podcasting’s latest shift in focus.

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Students, Start Podcasting: Submit Your Idea to this New Competition


Have an idea? Have an idea that’s great enough to turn into a podcast? Students in Scotland now have the opportunity to win The Scottish Podcast Scholarship, newly established by The Podcast Host.

“We’re committed to helping people find their voice, and their audience, through podcasting. We’re looking to find someone with a brilliant idea for an audio series, and help them to plan and launch it.”

All university and college students across Scotland are eligible, with no previous podcasting experience necessary – it’s all about what you’ll bring to the table and the great idea you want to pitch. Submissions are open over at https://www.thepodcasthost.com/pitch until Tuesday, January 31, 2017.

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