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Podcasting Tips

How to Promote Your Podcast

I have a fear that podcasters are taking the “build it and they will come” approach. One’s attitude could quickly become cavalier once their newest episode is uploaded. Sit back, put your feet up, and wait for people to come find it, right? Wrong.

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Listening Podcasting Tips

How To Keep Your Podcast Topic Sounding Fresh

Exploring the different sides of your topic

How can you make sure that you never podfade or run out of things to talk about on your podcast? Most of the work you put into your podcast revolves around presenting your main topic in an entertaining and informative way – and it’s the core reason why your listeners tune in. It has to be multifaceted and provide numerous fresh angles.

While excellent storytelling skills can make anything sound interesting enough, bringing content that’s of value to your audience is what will keep them coming back. It’s all about drawing from the resources available to you, and finding those unique takes. You can refer to your listeners’ feedback and contributions, scrape show topic ideas from other media sources in your genre, subscribe to newsletters, set up google alerts, and run thorough keyword searches.

Learn about all the different ways you can make the most out of your podcast’s topic in this episode of the Spreaker Live Show.

Listen to “SLS99: How To Avoid Running Out of Show Topics” on Spreaker.

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Listening Podcasting Tips

Looking Good When You Auto-Share

Podcasting doesn’t end when you hit “Publish.” Your content needs to get to your listeners’ ears, and effective distribution means sharing your content quickly and looking good while you do it. But when your podcasting to-do list is already inundated with different tasks – mixing, editing, uploading, describing, tagging – some of the process risks falling by the wayside.

That’s why we’ve been focusing so much on the new CMS, to offer you a dashboard full of quality tools and features to help you every step of the way. Today, we’re eager to show you the newest addition: the ability to auto-share “camera-ready” episodes to all your social networks.

Here’s what we mean:

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General Podcasting Tips

The Benefits Of Transcribing Your Podcast

If you’re wondering why you should transcribe your podcast, start by considering that the easiest way to find something on the internet (any kind of media – audio, video, images) is through text. By providing a text version, or a transcript, of your podcast’s episodes you can improve its accessibility, shareability, and be able to repurpose that valuable content later on.  It also improves your listeners’ experience, giving them an alternative way to consume your content when tuning in isn’t possible.

“Text is the secret. Converting podcast recordings into a transcript makes it possible for podcast producers to give listeners a better experience.” (Observer.com)

Moreover, as mentioned before, since web searches are text based, a transcript will open up new opportunities; you’ll be able to easily redact your content into blog posts, articles, presentations, and even books. Even your listeners will be able to quickly quote and share what they find valuable from your episode. Let’s take a deeper look at how transcriptions can benefit your podcast:

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Podcasting Tips

Promoting Your Podcast with the Spreaker Player


Promoting your podcast can be really hard work.  It takes time sharing to multiple networks and the time you spend sharing can add to the overhead and workflow of producing a quality podcast.

Speaking of promoting your podcast if you missed my last post about Promoting Your Podcast on LinkedIn to Build Authority you should check it out.  It talks about how you can leverage the power of LinkedIn to get more listeners and build a larger following.

It would be amazing if you could get the listeners of your podcast to start promoting your show or make it so easy for them to share they couldn’t resist sharing your podcast with their friends and family.  The great news is the Spreaker player has social sharing built right into the embeddable widget you can use on your own website making the process of sharing your podcast seamless.

One advantage to using the Spreaker player is that when a user shares your podcast to Twitter via one of the embeddable widgets you’ll see a Twitter Card like the one pictured below. The Twitter Card improves the user experience by allowing your listener to consume your podcast right in the Twitter stream.

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Podcasting Tips

Why You Need To Be Ready For the Podcasting Revolution

Serial famously became the fastest podcast to reach five million downloads towards the end of last year. Anyone that still has doubts about the surge in popularity of audio on demand, only need to look at President Obama arriving at Marc Maron’s garage a few weeks ago to record an interview on his WTF Podcast.

2015 will be the defining moment when even the President of the United States realised how the media landscape has changed. Only five years ago everyone was reading physical magazines and newspapers, but as this industry spirals into decline, readers are now moving away from the traditional media sources.

The modern, sophisticated audience is replacing old media with experts that they can relate to in niche areas that interest them that are armed with an authentic voice. Although people may have struggled with the concept in the past, the digital age has paved the way as society soaks up on-demand content on Kindle, Steam, Netflix, Spotify and the ubiquitous App Stores without even thinking.

There is an awareness that podcasting is to radio as blogging is to newspapers. Could this mean that the future of media is not owned by Citizen Kane-like characters but by everyday people leading the way in their field of expertise? Do you hop on the podcast bus or get left behind cursing yet another missed opportunity?

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Happy World Radio Day!


Happy World Radio Day guys!

UNESCO has proclamed this festivity to celebrate Radio as a medium; to improve international cooperation between broadcaster; and to encourage major networks and community radio alike to promote access to information and freedom of expression over the airwaves.

We at Spreaker want to strongly promote the same ideals, to push the use of radio as a medium that reaches the widest audience worldwide, and help people engage in discussions and hot topics all over.

Just as UNESCO has stated, we want to encourage all countries to celebrate World Radio Day by planning activities in partnership with regional, national, and international broadcasters.

Follow #WorldRadioday, and record your own audio content in order to take part in the conversation all over the globe.

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Podcasting Tips

Q&A with Adam Baker of Man Vs. Debt

Adam Baker is the man behind Man Vs. Debt, a podcast and site dedicated to helping you pay off your debt and “explore personal finance, consumerism, clutter, travel, minimalism, and passionate entrepreneurship while building a community of like-minded people.” Check out what Adam has to say about building a community around your show, and loosening up in front of the mic.

Do you mind introducing yourself?

I’m Adam Baker – but you can just call me Baker. I’m the husband of Courtney, the dad of Milligan “Milli” and Charlotte “Charlie,” and the founder of Man Vs. Debt, which I started in 2009. I’m also involved in several other ventures, including a film company called Crank Tank Studios, which is getting ready to premiere its first feature-length documentary, “I’m Fine, Thanks,” next month!

Congratulations! How did you get into podcasting?

A BUNCH of my friends and mentors had been telling me to get into it, and I finally made the leap around Christmas of last year, when I realized that it was a great way to get our message of “Sell your crap, pay off your debt, do what you love” out to a new audience in a medium that I’m really comfortable with – speaking.

Was it easy for you to share personal information (your own financial situation) over the airwaves in the beginning?

You know, it wasn’t hard at all to do it on the air – because we’d already been doing it on Man Vs. Debt for almost 3 years. In general, was it hard to share our financial situation at first? Well, maybe a little, but the risk was GREATLY outweighed by the accountability and momentum we gained by doing it!

What did you do to help your podcast grow in popularity?

We worked with Cliff Ravenscraft (The Podcast Answer Man) to make sure we were set up for success from the start – everything from getting our feed correct for iTunes to choosing the best plugins to help display the podcast on Man Vs. Debt. I think asking our existing community to spread the word – and to review us on iTunes – was a huge help; we ended up as the top new podcast in our category, and that just fueled even more growth!

Great advice! Speaking of which, what are your favorite podcasting tips?

Just do it. I learned the hard way that when I made my podcast “formula” too complicated, it was a huge barrier to me actually getting behind the microphone and recording. A few episodes in, we loosened up on our format a good bit, and I started to just relax and record, which allowed us to just get the show out the door. Also, I’d say just be yourself and play to your strengths. I like podcasting because I like speaking about topics I’m passionate about. I COULD podcast on a lot of subjects – but when I stick to what’s on my mind and what I’m reading and thinking about, that’s when I’m best.

How was Blog World? See anything particularly interesting?

BlogWorld was a blast. I think it’s a conference and event that is constantly improving year to year.

As with any conference, the real treat is all the wonderful people who attend. I met new friends, got to revisit old ones, and had an amazing time.

Thanks so much for talking to us Adam, and keep up the great work!

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Podcasting Tips

Using social networking and messaging to keep your listeners interested.

So now that you’ve gained your listeners, it’s important to keep them tuned in and interested. Of course you’re sending out updates and reminders, but how successful have you been? Using email and social networks like Twitter and Facebook effectively is key to keeping them coming. Divide your methods: send out press releases, details and background about your next guest, and general long content about your show through email. Mention quotes in real time, as well as short and sweet snippets and general reminders with Twitter and Facebook.

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Podcasting Tips

Social Media Marketing to Promote Your Show

Social Media is a great way to promote your online show on Spreaker. Using tools like Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace you can promote your content and gain more followers, friends, and ultimately, listeners. It’s like a chain: the more people connected to you online, and the easier you make it for them to stay connected and keep up with you, the more likely they’ll check out your Spreaker show. Keep your friends and fans engaged and entertained, and you can be confident that you’ll gain more listeners.

Today I’d like to share some tips with you on using Twitter to promote your show.

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