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Happy World Radio Day!


Happy World Radio Day guys!

UNESCO has proclamed this festivity to celebrate Radio as a medium; to improve international cooperation between broadcaster; and to encourage major networks and community radio alike to promote access to information and freedom of expression over the airwaves.

We at Spreaker want to strongly promote the same ideals, to push the use of radio as a medium that reaches the widest audience worldwide, and help people engage in discussions and hot topics all over.

Just as UNESCO has stated, we want to encourage all countries to celebrate World Radio Day by planning activities in partnership with regional, national, and international broadcasters.

Follow #WorldRadioday, and record your own audio content in order to take part in the conversation all over the globe.

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The Spreaker week in recap

It’s been a great week guys, and not only did we get to indulge on the latest podcasts by the hottest hosts around (ahem, you guys), but with your help we even reached a new milestone for Spreaker! It’s a noteworthy accomplishment that certainly deserves a partyful weekend; but first, let’s check out what we listened to this week!


TheStart-upofYou.com Radio Networking presents new and interesting start-up projects to the media world, and the hosts offer lots of advice and media insider secrets.

This weekend France voted for its new president, Hollande, and covering the news was OltreRadio.it with Diretta Mediterranean Election Day Live, offering interesting analysis.

Goldy and Pistols come on every Thursday night with The Huddle, talking about Adelaide Hills’ sports and teams. Tune in for informative and fun sportscasting.

The guys at The Digital Daily Fix waste no time in broadcasting their review of hot release The Avengers. Listen in on whether or not it has the chops to become one of the biggest movies of the summer!

#TWITTAMIDINOTTE, aka “Tweet Me at Night,” features fun discussions and fantastic playlists, making it a great podcast no matter what language you speak.

Newark Radio Series features professional journalism with the help of Charmil Davis, covering breaking news in New Jersey as well as the nation.


Lee Douglas is the “new Pied Piper of Oldies,” reintroducing rock n’ roll from the 50s and 60s to the audiences of 2012 with Old Time Rock n Roll.

We took a look back at some of the best advice we’ve come across on creating top-notch podcasts. We’ve covered a lot of ground, from social media marketing to picking a show time.

Between all of your podcasts, we’ve reached 1,000,000 episodes! Thanks to all of you and your hard work, we’re lucky to have such a great community of users.

Now go off and enjoy that weekend!

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Podcasting Tips

Have Your Show Featured on Our Blog Every Week!

At Spreaker you guys have produced some really great shows, and we want to make sure those shows get to shine in the spotlight once in a while.

We know you’re all doing as much as you can to promote your programs through Facebook, Twitter, your blogs, and elsewhere, but we want to help you gain an audience from within Spreaker too.

Allow us to offer you some extra press. Email us with a press release and we’ll post it right here in our weekly edition of  “This week on Spreaker”. Writing one is easy, just follow our steps:

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Podcasting Tips

Tip of The Week: Choose Tags and Keywords While Scheduling Your Show

Often our hosts ask us how to catch the audience’s attention and bring more traffic to their shows’ pages. One of the best ways is focusing on the SEO, Search Engine Optimization. But, what does that mean?
When you are scheduling your show and you find the section “tags” under the Broadcast section, you probably ignore it and don’t think too much about it. But this area is actually very valuable because it increases the traffic sent to your show from the search engines.

In this post we will show you how you can attract more listeners thanks to some tricks and tips.


A “tag” is a word or phrase that’s descriptive and specific to your show’s content, and should be the words that your audience will type into their search engine when trying to find your show. For instance if someone is searching for “Jazz Music”, the key phrase might be “Jazz Music Listen”. This search term will bring up all the websites offering Jazz Music online and all the websites using this phrasing.


You may want to do some research to find the most appropriate keywords for your show’s content.
We recommend you choose a list of relevant words associated with your content and use 3-4 tags for each show. Include them several times in the title and description, and try to keep it unique as well.


Remember that the better you’re spelling and grammar are, the more likely your keywords will actually work!
SEO is a good way to market your show so take it seriously and you will have some good resources to improve your audience.

Good luck!

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Podcasting Tips

Tip of The Week: Helpful Spreaker Resources

Spreaker takes care of its community, and since we know that all of our users, seasoned and new, often have a lot of questions about the service, here are the answers you need!

Below are some useful links that will help you understand Spreaker and what we are all about.


Does it cost anything?
Here you will find the packages that we offer. Spreaker offers two different kinds of plans: if you are broadcasting your radio program just for fun you can sign up with a free package or, if you want to be more professional, you can get the premium package with more options.

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Podcasting Tips

6 unmissable tips for Interviewing Guests on your Radio Show

In this interesting post, author Larry Amon makes a useful list of things you need to prepare in advance when planning an Interview on your Radio Show.

Especially if you’re going live instead of podcasting.

The key message is be prepared. And this can be done easily if you follow the following simple steps

  1. Research the person or topic. You never know where the interview is going when you’re live so you’d better be comfortable with the matter. Or you might give your audience the idea of a complete beginner.
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