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Updated: Show and Tell with Spreaker’s New Embedded Player

Don’t just tell listeners your story, show it to them, too!

Simply put, podcasting is storytelling via an audio medium. Not so simply put, podcasting is storytelling delivered via a number of various elements that also includes artwork, branding, and listening tools.

Now, with Spreaker’s newest embedded player, the marriage of all those elements comes together in one place, that’s efficient for you, as a producer, and convenient for your listeners. You can tell your story, and show it, too, with a full display of your episode or podcast artwork front and center, as well as a complete listing of your past podcast episodes. You’ll also be able to customize its size and color, and get to please your listeners’ eyes as well as their ears.

Why should I use the embedded player, again?

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How to Be a Great Podcast Host – Spreaker Live Show #79


In episode #79 of the Spreaker Live Show, streamed on Wednesday, September 7th, we discussed three important podcasting topics with Spreaker Head of Content, Rob Greenlee:

  • How To Be A Great Podcast Host
  • The Benefits Of Transcribing Your Podcast’s Audio
  • The Newly Released IAB Podcast Ad Metric Guidelines

Read more to see show notes and links discussed in this 52 minute episode.

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3 Podcasts Made by Moms

She’s cared for and watched over you your whole life – so what can you give your mom in return for Mother’s Day that she’ll definitely appreciate? Yourself of course!

All joking aside, what’s better than taking the time to bond over some great podcasts with mom? Try these three out and enjoy the special day!

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Spreaker Resources

How to Organize Your Podcast #1


Today, we kick off a new blog series that will help you get the most out of your Spreaker experience. It’s called Spreaker Resources, and through our tips and suggestions, we hope it can assist in improving your presence on our platform.

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Get your Customized App!

Still on the fence on whether or not to order your own Customized App? Consider this: once listeners feast their eyes on the sleek job we’ve done in building it for you, they’ll see that you’re invested in your podcast, and care about your brand.

Check out these user stories!

iOS: Prove Dirette shows off its broadcasting chops with a clean-looking iPhone app.




Sunne has got it going on. It’s the same Customized App, but built to Android’s style and setup.


Both apps allow listeners to download the app for free, and tune in as you broadcast LIVE, or pre-recorded, episodes. Plus, you can interact directly with your biggest fans during live broadcasts via a chatbox.

Remember, it’s easy: You give us the images and descriptions, and we’ll take care of the tech and submission.

So do it! Order yours now!

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Arab Wave Washes over Spreaker

Here at Spreaker we’ve had a recent major influx of users, and we’re thrilled about it!

Let’s give a warm welcome to the new Arab users giving us some heavy play.

We’d like to thank you personally, and we’re excited to hear all your upcoming creations, thoughts, and opinions. So far we’ve discovered some great content made by you, and we want to share it with the whole community.

Here are some sweet treats for your ears:

DJ Moa Teck keeps the beats thumping with electronic pulses mixed with traditional Arabian touches.

Amr puts you in a State of Trance that will get your booties moving on the dance floor.

And this is just the beginning, we can’t wait hear what else you guys have to offer! Tell us about your other shows – send them over to us at press@spreaker.com!

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