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Listening Podcasting Tips

4 Ways to Stay Up-To-Date on Podcasting News

(Updated November 2019) If you’re a podcaster or are somehow involved in the field, you probably find it a bit frustrating to easily stay up-to-date with the latest podcasting news.

As someone who works daily with podcast-related news, it’s kind of hard to find fresh, good news about what’s going on. Researching via Google means spending several minutes filtering out fake news about new podcasts from the real, quality news about the last updates. That’s why we’ve decided to share some useful tips on how to stay up to date without any effort, or almost, with you!

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The Spreaker week in recap

Don’t you love Fridays? So do we, almost as much as we love your podcasts! For every query and interest, you’ve got niche shows to match. Motorcycles or hockey, anyone?

Neanderthal Marketing Radio Show helps you tackle all the business and marketing obstacles that will come your way with lots of tips and advice. Check out what they have to say about Fan Pages on Facebook changing over to the new Timeline layout, too!

The Rick’s Radio Roots Show is a sweet and entertaining blast from the past, a mix of old and new with splices of radio shows from the 40s and 50s.

A Humorous History of England is made up of quick episodes featuring amusing poetry retelling the history of England.

Check out the Syracuse Stampede junior hockey team and their broadcasts on Spreaker for play-by-plays on live as well as past games from the whole season.

Celtic Football fans can get their fill on their favorite shows – from LIVE HomeBhoys to Beyond the Waves Celtic Show to the LostBhoys podcast – on Hail Hail Media.

Pump up the Presence gives a voice to female entrepreneurs and offers advice on business, as well as discussions on current events.

If you’re fascinated by the mystique of American bikers, or take part in the motorcycling community, listen in to the BIC Radio Show.


We’re teaming up with fellow Italians at Radiospeaker.it for advice and tips on podcasting! Take a look at their post on how to correctly use microphones during your broadcast.

Have a great weekend!

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New Features: New Statistics Page on your Dashboard!

Did you notice the new Statistics page in your Dashboard? Keep an eye on how your podcasts and episodes are doing at just a glance.

Click on the “Statistics” tab and get an overview of how many listeners you’ve attracted, and how many times they’ve tuned in. You’ll get specific stats on both your podcast and episodes, calculated every hour.

Not only will you see the number of total plays and listeners your podcast has accumulated, get an idea of the overall popularity of your podcast too.

Even your episodes get the same treatment, with specific stats on them as well.

Now you can also see which of your episodes has had the most success with your fans.

With easier access to your stats and more specific info available, you’ll have a better idea of how to approach building up and publicizing your podcast through content and social media. In fact, for tips on how to generate buzz, take a look here.

Look around, try it out, and broadcast away!

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The Spreaker year in recap: remembering 2011 through your podcasts

This Saturday we’ll pop the champagne and ring in 2012 with enthusiasm and hope (that the world won’t end on 12/12/12). Yet, in order to go forward, we’ll first need to look back, and 2011 has been quite an incredible year. It will be remembered in history for its recession, revolutions, erratic pop stars, and even crazier weather.

Throughout it all, Spreaker users have been ready at their microphones broadcasting calls for action and to come together, to get through it all for better or for worse. You’ve started up dialogues, got people to listen, and been passionate about causes going on all over the world. The year has been reflected in our content, so let’s take a look at how exactly 2011 went down:

Nothing like a revolution to bring about a little excitement. People all over the world have demanded change from their governments and society. A wave of different but similar movements swept across the globe.

We witnessed an Arab Spring with the now defunct Misurata Radio, a Libyan podcast that gave a voice to a country feeling oppressed and censored. At its height, the podcast gave solace to fellow protestors.

The Indignados in Spain were represented by Explícalo, Blogoff.es‘ weekly podcasts on various topics. Young protesters participated in talks regarding both revolution and culture.

Back in the States, Occupy Wall Street grew and was not confined to New York. Santa Cruz had it’s own voice speaking for the 99% through The Commander X Show.

Political change came with different leaders, as well. The presidential race in the United States is hot, with new candidates prepping for the match. We had our own excitement here when back in September The Angel Clark Show interviewed New Mexico Governor and former Republican Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson (now Libertarian).

Students brought their passions to podcasts. Take for instance uRadio, where the energy of the students at the University of Siena in Italy have built up their own, diverse community. Different hosts hold open forums on music, languages, and culture.

Of course, a historical year is also manifested in the art made during it, and Spreaker was chock full of podcasts all about art and cultural events.

Kettle’s Yard in Cambridge, England houses great pieces of modern and contemporary art. Their podcast Lunchtime Talks at Kettle’s Yard gives contemporary art lovers a place to analyze and discuss masterpieces.

Roma Radio Art Fair is a non-profit dedicated to arts aiming to communicate and experimentat. From the 5th to the 8th of May 2011 the podcast broadcasted Sound Art productions, conversations and sound landscapes, and electronic research.

Sounds like Venice 2011 broadcasted live from the heart of the 54th International Venice Biennial. Listeners could tune into critiques and explanations of great works and what they mean in today’s society and culture.

So we bid farewell to 2011 with perhaps a black and blue or two, but ready to take on 2012, Mayan apocalypse and all. Happy New Year everyone!

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Podcasting Tips

Part Two: Social Media Marketing to Promote Your Show

This is the second part of a unique series on promoting your show using social networks.
Today we want to show you how important and useful Facebook is as a tool to build your show’s communities.
Follow these tips and you will see the exponential curve of your audience grow!!

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Podcasting Tips

5 good reasons why Entertainers should start using Spreaker today

Hi guys, today I would like to suggest to our fellow entertainers some good reasons for joining Spreaker and become power users. Here they are:

1. Live Broadcasting (when you want to)

With Spreaker you can broadcast live at any time from the comfort of your home, but you can also use it for practicing your material without any pressure. It’s an easy way to rehearse your shows and, when you feel ready, it becomes great opportunity to spread the voice around the World.

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Podcasting Tips

6 easy ways to attract and widen your audience on Spreaker

It all comes to the audience. Talking on the Microphone is thrilling and gives you a great reward, but simply because we assume there are people out there listening to what we’re saying. The good news is that there are people out there willing to listen to your show, especially if you follow our guidelines. The bad news is that they still don’t know about you and it takes time to attract their attention.
So what should you do? Well, we have drafted a very simple list of actions you can take today to attract and widen your listeners audience. You will be surprised of the results!

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