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Spreaker on the Road: Johannesburg


We’re continuing our trip across the cities of the southern hemisphere, and have just tacked a pin on a new metropolis: Johannesburg, South Africa. Commonly known as Jozi or Jo’burg, it’s the biggest city in South Africa, as well as its commercial, financial, industrial, and mining crossroads. Here we found a really eclectic group of hosts that exemplify the dynamic of the city.


We’ve mentioned the popular show Neigh-Bours Talk Radio before, but couldn’t help but bring them up again for this series. DJ Neigh talks horses, bringing people passionate about equine activity together. Listen in or check the project out here for everything you need to know about riding, grooming, and more.

On The Andre Brink Show Andre uses his training from Acudetox and his own personal life experiences to help listeners reach their goals in their quest to better themselves. Tune in to episodes covering addiction and rehabilitation, and on finding the path to sobriety via methods such as acupuncture and psychosis.

On The After Dark Show Double D and her different guests fearlessly venture in “all things nice, nasty, dark and dirty.” Tune in to quick episodes of open discussions on the world of sex and the issues to it,  like gender, sexuality, stereotypes, and more. Open minds are always welcome.

Totsiens, Jo’burg!

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Spreaker on the Road: Sydney


Current stop: Down Under! We’re hanging out in bustling and busy Sydney, also known to locals as the Harbour City. Shimmering blue water along a lively metropolitan coast make for a lovely mix of surf and culture. It’s home to the iconic Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge, as well as talented talk show hosts and DJs. Take a look at what we mean:

The Sean Bell Show is the brainchild of the multitalented host Sean Bell, a successful creative producer with a hand in graphic design, television, and vlogging. Tune in to his Spreaker show focused on music and all its genres, offering insightful analysis on pop, original soundtracks, and more.

Radio veteran and personality Brendan Leggett brings his talent to the aptly named The Brendan Leggett Show. You’ll catch a wide range of programming that includes great music, guests calling in, and interviews with important figures. He’s talked with Ross Grove, Mayor of Holroyd, as well as most recently with Yvette Smith, Blacktown City Council Women of the Year recipient for 2013.

Get into the groove with DJ Stan the Man and his show THE ‘PAST’ THE ‘PRESENT’ AND THE ‘FUTURE’. It’s music that will life your spirits no matter what time of day or mood you’re in. Whether you want to chill out or pop-and-lock right there, in your office, Stan the Man offers it all.

Alright mates, hope you’ve enjoyed Sydney! We’ll catch you again, on the road soon!


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Spreaker on the Road: Montreal


Elegant Montreal is the cultural and economic center of Quebec, Canada. It’s the second-largest French-speaking city in the world, after Paris, and one of the most historic cities in North America. Boasting old-continent architecture and a lovely blend of cultures, it’s also a great place to find talented podcasters.


Maintaining a rich ancestral heritage intact and keeping listeners up to date with vodou is RadioVodouMagazine‘s goal and achievement. Tune in each month for news on the subject, coming in from around the world in different languages.

Tune in to The Benben Bass Raver Show for original DJ mixes and music production by the young artist himself. You’ll be treated to a wide of variety of styles from
techno, to acid-tech, to drumcode. The dancing starts as soon as you push play.

The Tacklebox features the latest in fishing trends, technology, techniques and tackle every week “for the avid angler.” The host is none other than expert Ben Woo of  WoodooFishing, always giving clear and informative tips and advice.

We’ll see you at our next stop!

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Spreaker on the Road: Houston


Welcome to Texas, folks! It’s sunny, warm, and the home of our quick detour back in the states.

Known to many as the Bayou City, or Magnolia City, Houston is a diverse metropolis brimming with energy and life in the heart of the state. It’s multifaceted, and its international community, creative tradition, and pride in its culture oozes through its airwaves via friendly Texan twangs.

Alongside the rodeo, the Space Center,  and the Art Car parade, proudly stand these stellar podcasts made by native Houstonians:

Battle of the Sexes Talk Show certainly gets the conversation going, opening up and addressing issues that cross over gender and status. It’s opinionated discussions on topics based in the urban community. Also get a taste of local Texas artists with featured rappers and singers brought to you by JC Productionz.

Exemplifying Houston’s diverse community is DIASPORA Radio, where citizens of Sierra Leone living abroad can come together. Discussing the politics, economics, and important current events going on in the country regularly, listeners can tune in to intelligent and informative conversation. It’s just one facet of the city’s many cultures.

Homegrown talent is never hard to find in Houston, and what better example of this than Montreea, the Berklee graduate, singer, DJ, rapper, producer, and paraplegic bringing both original pieces to the airwaves, as well as the work of other artists. For Christian rap and gospel, look no further than here!

And now you’re all planning your next trip to Houston, right? We thought so!



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Spreaker on the Road: Madrid


Here we are with our first post of this new series, doing our work on getting to know Spreaker’s podcasters around the world, fishing for them in the cities where they stream from – in their own homes!

Our first stop is Madrid, the Spanish capital with international flair and calienti flavors, where we’ve rooted out a mini community of lovers of podcasts and technology. With their daily broadcasts, they fill us in on all the latest news, and never fail to entertain.

Let’s take a look at who they are:

Mailery dishes on all the latest news coming out of Apple, the hottest in new technology, and gives thorough analyses and critiques on Apple’s moves and decisions. In the last episode, he offered his own review on the iPhone 5, pointed out differences with the previous model, and gave his thoughts on its potential effects and modes of use in Spain. It’s nearly daily, micro podcasts broadcasted while our podcaster is on the job.

Our second podcaster coming from Madrid is Converso, an active Spreaker user for quite some time now now. He’s a self proclaimed Nokia fan, Android supporter, and Nexus analyst, claiming he’ll never fall under Apple’s spell. In one of his numerous aural journeys, and working under the mission of a famous quote, he compares tourists taking photos with the iPad to soccer referees asking for player changes – in other words he’s dedicated aficionado of mobile technology, putting an ironic and fun spin on all his reports.

Android and Apple are the main themes discussed on Appledroize, featuring tricks, what’s new, and critiques. Hispanic nerds will be delighted listening in to all the info Appledroize has served up for us. Though currently on vacation for a couple of weeks, he promises to return with great news you can’t miss.

Stay tuned for our next chapter of Spreaker on the Road!

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