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Podcasting Tips

3 Quick Ways to Improve Your Podcast Episode Titles


How to increase your podcast listenership with enticing episode titles.

Quick question – what made you want to read this article? Why are you here? Most likely, it was the title. What you name each episode of your podcast clearly reflects the contents and attracts listeners, both regular and new.

You know the expression ‘It does what it says on the label’? It may be stating the obvious, but those few words are very precious to the whole package. There’s a real art to composing a title that is honest, descriptive and compelling. Here are 3 important guidelines for writing podcast episode titles.

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Podcasting Tips

How to Avoid Podfading


Preventing Podfade

Podfading is when a podcast slows down and is (eventually) abandoned about seven or eight episodes in. No one ever starts a podcast intending to podfade. It’s always so exciting to start out with lots of ideas about who to interview and how to get it to sound right.

And yet, it’s a cycle we see again and again. While it can happen for a number of reasons, podcasting platforms that have tracked the phenomenon have picked up on a few recurring trends. For example, podcasters often get overwhelmed by all the work required, or simply run out of things to say.

However, there are plenty of ways to avoid it, from seriously streamlining the production process, to finding co-hosts and guests to help pick up the slack.

Get a full explanation of podfading as a phenomenon and find out how to take it on in this episode of the Spreaker Live Show.

Listen to “SLS98: How To Avoid The Podfading Fate” on Spreaker.

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Creativity Hacks: How to Stay Inspired


Sometimes ideas pour in like rain during a monsoon, while other times they lazily snooze, making us feel anxious. Everyone whose work depends on a continuous stream of fresh ideas is acquainted with these creativity ripples. Surely, there must be a way to take in inspiration and feel more productive, but how?

They say that success is 10% talent and 90% hard work. If that’s true, then could creativity be 10% luck and 90% your efforts? Creativity finds us, while we do things. To keep on going, it’s essential to stay inspired and motivated on a daily basis. Both high and low inspiration levels are based on certain lifestyles and habits. Some may be very individual, but others are quite generic and not difficult to achieve. 

We’ve marked 7 hacks for boosting creativity. Will you agree or disagree with them? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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3 Podcasts for Travelers


Springtime means holidays and scheduling travel plans, as we all know! But we also know that the best way to choose a destination is through the inspiring stories of our friends who have just traveled to an exciting new place.

This selection of the 3 best podcasts for travelers is definitely an interesting way to learn more about how and where to travel, but it’s also a great opportunity to learn and discover more about places you don’t know, through the eyes and the voices of those who have already been there!

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Three New Year’s Resolutions for Podcasters


Well, January is almost over and now that the holidays have passed we’re all back to our everyday lives. Nevertheless, some of us are still drawing up our New Year’s resolutions, and while we all know it’s fun making to-do lists, it’s really hard to keep them up during the year. But not to worry, Spreaker’s there for you!

Whether you’re a podcasting pro or in the “I should start a podcast”phase, we think there are three important things every podcaster should do:


1. Record your audio content for free in a professional way

Focus your mind and imagine: you’re in your comfiest pajamas ever (because who will ever know what you’re wearing?), holding your favorite Star Wars mug, the cat is sleeping in the warmest spot in the house (a.k.a. on the keyboard), headphones and mic are on and… you hit REC and let loose your charming voice to the whole world, like a boss.

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Podcasting Tips

How to Create a Podcast – Tip#2


Podcasting Beginner Unhappy Baby700

Are you ready to get ahead of your competition?

Podcasts are in the hand of anyone with a smartphone, and in 2015 it will be in cars too!  We talked about Your Story, or the content of your podcast, in Tip#1 of this How to Create a Podcast series.

Now let’s talk about the obvious component, sound. I know which question you’re asking – How can I get good quality sound without spending too much?  The reality is that you can create a great quality podcast without going into debt, and get the results you want.

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Podcasting Tips

Spreaker How-Tos by You: Microphone Setups with PerfBytes


IT professionals and informative hosts of PerfBytes Mark, John, and James share their broadcasting setup with the Spreaker community. Learn about the kinds of microphones they use and what kind of tools they’ve put together for optimal recording. Take note, they’re talking via Skype, and it sounds great!




Thanks guys, keep the good stuff coming!

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Podcasting Tips

Podcasting Tip: Clearing Your Vocal Cords


The guys over at RadioSpeaker are always finding great tips on keeping your podcasting running smoothly, and once again, they’re looking at it from a technical point of view.

But it’s not fancy technology we’re talking about, it’s that important tool you already have that’s often neglected: your voice.

The clarity of your voice is just as important as the quality of your microphone, and there’s a surprising little trick on taking car of your fragile vocal cords: though it may sound strange, try sucking on salt one hour before broadcasting. The taste might not sound so appealing, but it’ll help “clear up” your vocal cords and you’ll be ringing like a bell across the airwaves.

Skeptical? Trust us on this one. Not only does radio personality Francesco De Vena partake in the salt sucking, but so did his opera singing father.

Try it out, and let us know how it goes!

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Podcasting Tips

Q&A with Josh Muirhead of SocialMark Media


Josh Muirhead of SocialMark Media gave us a great interview on what’s new in podcasting and social media, and making the best of those mediums in order to share great content. Here’s some pointers of what we have:

Who he is: Josh Muirhead is the owner, founder, and president of SocialMark Media, a corporate training firm based on digital marketing and innovation where he provides strategic development training to his clients.

How he got into the social media: simply because his former boss at a marketing firm asked him to. Back when Facebook was still “The Facebook,” Josh’s boss asked if he knew anything about online and social media. There he found a world blossoming, of sharing and developing different stories, and he saw the connection in the nature of such sites and marketing. Marketing is all about sharing a story, and it’s free via social media.

Thoughts on podcasting and making good content: Loves it and is getting back into it. With the introduction of mobile platforms it’s developing quickly. It’s a very interesting way of creating content that is difficult but rewarding, and it may have a resurgence in 2012-13. Podcasting does have its weaknesses – it’s a light medium, with not much in terms of video and pictures to leverage it, so we have to work harder at the content. It must be good, and even planning ahead, like having questions in front of you, helps since you just can’t jump in out of nowhere. Conduct interviews, add other content, or use software to meld different mediums together. Don’t forget titles, either! They are a mostly overlooked detail that is so important. It should be descriptive enough to grab someone’s attention, and is especially important when it comes to attracting newcomers.

How content has context: Knowing what your goals are when using different mediums helps give you and idea of your context in social media. Podcasting is deeper than light conversation, longer, gives you the opportunity to read different things on air, and you already know who you want to be speaking to. For example Josh communicates to other marketers and advertisers, those he has built relationships with, and those who are simply interested in such content. If if someone is not an expert but interested, the questions they offer can help shape your content.

Favorite social media tips: As Gary Vaynerchuck says, “carry your face off,” also known as be passionate about the content you share. If you’re simply phoning it in, you’ll have trouble engaging the listener. Even if you’re not an expert, being passionate will keep fans tuned in.

Also use leverage, podcasting can be a bit of an isolating medium, so getting your name out there means talking to fellow podcasters and requesting interviews with them – it’s a great way to bring fans to each others’ shows. You don’t have to go for just the big names, either, simply look to the community and see who is more or less on your level. You want to gain insights from each other.

And of course, make sure your ducks are in a row: It may sound obvious, but make sure any linking you do works. It seems a minor detail, but a link that leads to the wrong page or is broken will cost you listeners.

What’s coming up in the social media/podcasting horizon: New platforms like Pinterest are coming out. Pinterest is interesting in that it opened up the graph of taking pictures and sharing them, and following users with the content you like. It plays into what our visual society is interested in and how we still like to watch things. There may even be room in this kind of space for new platforms to come in or old ones to develop.

We’ll also be defining more specifically which platforms we choose to use. We’ll go from numerous social media sites to fewer ones simply based on what can show off what you do best, and what stresses out the least.

In terms of podcasting, we’ll see more shows coming out on different topics (whereas now we’re flooded with tech and digital shows), and platforms will become easier to use.

Even different events coming up are showing a shift in making sights way more straightforward. Those who are not as comfortable using technology will now get their chance to shine.

Thanks so much for your insight, Josh!

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Podcasting Tips

Podcasting Tip: Using a Microphone


Podcasting is easy, but we all get caught up in the details sometimes. Common problem? Those pesky microphones.

If you’re too close, your voice is booming through, and if you’re too far, your fans can’t hear what you have to say.

The writers at Radiospeaker.it have come up with a solution. Your mouth should be about one hand’s length away from the microphone. Simple as that. It’s an ideal distance that gives you enough room to feel comfortable and sound your best.

Of course variables come into play, such as the type of microphone you’re using, the volume of your voice, and different filters and additional tools you use, so be sure to record a few test runs. In general though, one hand’s length is a good rule of thumb to go by.

Try it out next time you broadcast, and let us know how well it works out!

Source: Radiospeaker.it

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