Keep your comments safe with the new chat system!

Today we are proud to announce the new feature that will allow you to keep chatting with your listeners and fans, even after the live show.

Yes, you heard it right, we decided to change and improve the chat system by merging it with the comments on the track page.

What’s the big difference?

Having the chat system displayed on the track page gives you a better experience: more space for reading your listeners chats, all the messages recollected down the same page and the possibility to get notifications for every new message received.


A completely re-designed page, with a new UI and a new stylish embedded player where chatting will be easier that ever.

So are you ready to type? Try the new chat system and let us know what you think!

Learn How to Monetize your Podcast

draft_kings_blogPodcasting is hard work; with research, scheduling, and lots of passion behind every episode. You love it, and that’s why you do it, but it would great to get some concrete returns for your effort.

We at Spreaker want to help you out with that, and very soon will be offering the possibility to monetize your content with a new revenue sharing program. We’ve partnered up with WYD Media Ad Sales to match your program with sponsors – we’ll take care of creating show packages to sell, and then share the revenue with you.

At the moment the program is invite only, but sometime next year we’ll open up an application that will be available to anyone.

At the moment, we’re doing a test run with some of the best sports journalists Spreaker has to offer thank to first sponsor Draft Kings – you can check them out in our curated list Hot Sports Trends.

DraftKings is a fantasy sports website where you can play against your friends and rivals for cash prizes. Show off your sports knowledge and win money today – just register using the promo code: SPREAKER

So keep up with the great work and take your podcast to the limits – you could be earning the cash you deserve!

Feel, record, share, be heard.

We’re really happy about our new Spreaker Studio app, and that’s why we’ve decided to create a video that tells all the stories that make up you.

All of you have a story to tell, all of you have emotions and feelings to share, all of you have something to say.

We wanted to collect and show all of those stories in 30 seconds, in a short video we really love.

The World is full of stories. Don’t leave them all behind.

Infographics: What’s Going On with Spreaker’s Listeners and Creators?

We’re continuing our effort in helping you understand your audience with data-rich infographics covering everything you want to know about Spreaker‘s listeners, and now content creators too!

Take a look at all of October‘s findings:  Continue reading

Set up a social media strategy with Buzz Your Broadcast!


Spreaker has teamed up with experts Buzz Your Broadcast to help you put together a simple social media strategy and get your numbers soaring. It’s our latest effort in getting you the results you’ve wanted after all of your hard work.

Personal sessions with professionals will get you crafting a marketing strategy specific to you and your show, where you’ll learn how to:

  • Find your ideal demographic using social media
  • Increase the number of downloads by thousands each week
  • Streamline your actions so that you are spending as little as 10 minutes a day on social media
  • Keep your numbers up and your listeners engaged with expert performance techniques

You’ll see your listenership multiply by the tens, hundreds, thousands! It’s a sure investment you can make on your podcast and brand, and podcasters Rick Clemons of The Coming Out Coach, Martha Sanchez of Know The Radio Show, and Laurie Hurley of The Social Media Navigator can all attest to it.

Generate the buzz your content deserves! Go to Buzz Your Broadcast now!

Improved audience statistics: see where you listeners come from!


We’re super excited to announce an upgrade to our audience analytics!

Starting today, you’ll get an even bigger picture of who your audience is (and eventually use this info to monetize your content – stay tuned for more news to follow). We’re introducing a new metric to our existing statistics that will help you build upon and grow your fanbase, plus boost your numbers!

Wondering where your listeners come from?  Now you can get this information with our new geolocation statistics!

Get a glimpse of where your listeners are in terms of country and city, and use this to:

  • Better target your content 
  • Drive location-based participation
  • Encourage cross-promotion from location services

Knowing from where your listeners are accessing your show can result in a number of different activities that you can start, including content, marketing, and even monetization.

Geographic analytics on all plays and downloads are available to PRO users from Broadcaster and up.

So, ready to find out where your biggest fans are? Get the new stats now!

Introducing Spreaker Studio, our new app for Android!


We’ve punched up our app to include everything you’ve wanted – the ability to add songs and sound effects while you go live, toggle the microphone, and more so that you can take over the entire production of your own podcast or radio show.

Take a look!

Tap on REC to go directly to the console

Push REC at the top and choose to go live or record and then publish later. Make sure to adjust the microphone and switch it to ON to keep it on the entire time your broadcast, or hold down Push to Talk to only record vocals when you need to. Want to play songs? Tap on Add New Song to start pulling songs from your device, and set them on the decks. Play as you go, or choose Auto DJ to let the playlist run on its own. And don’t forget to tap on any of the sound effects on the right to add extra flair to your content.


When going live, you’ll get a chance to set up your track’s info before you go on the air. When recording offline, your track will instead be placed in your Drafts collection as soon as you choose to publish it.


From your Collections, manage your individual collection’s or track’s info. In your Settings you can opt to connect to your social networks, manage your console settings, report an issue to our support team, and much more.

Screenshot_2014-10-08-10-25-27 Screenshot_2014-10-08-10-13-33

When in doubt, you can also opt to Take the Tour in order to get a refresher on the app’s functions.

Now you have all the tools you need to create and share your original audio creations on your Android device!

And this release will also be marking a change in Spreaker’s apps. Soon you’ll be able to choose between two different apps: one focused on audio creation, and the other on listening. Soon you’ll get two condensed and efficient experiences.

Like the way it sounds? Download Spreaker Studio for Android now and give us your feedback!

Start Podcasting For Your Business

Have you ever thought about podcasting as a tool for your business?

Podcast-RSSPodcasts can help your business grow, and attract brand fanatics. Every minute that a customer listens to us speak with authority we’re establishing ourselves as a thought-leader. Conceptually, the more time our audience spends with our content, the more authority we have as content marketers.

According to the data we published last month, the average time spent listening on Spreaker is about 23 minutes, meaning that your audience will spend on average more time listening to a podcast than readers do reading a blog post. Read More…

Set up multiple shows with your Spreaker account!

Perhaps many of you didn’t know that you can have as many shows as you want on Spreaker with your own account, no matter what plan you’ve chosen.

Having more shows gives you the chance to organize your content by different topics, giving your profile the feel of a real radio channel, with multiple programs that can satisfy the needs of a big audience. Each show has its own URL and RSS feed link that can be distributed to other platforms as well as shared on social media and sites. Read more…

Give Your Show Extra Promotion with Ad Campaigns!

A few weeks ago we introduced the opportunity to set up real and professional Ad Campaigns to run on our site. We know that building your audience is one of the hardest parts to podcasting, but now you can place your own personally-made ads promoting your show throughout the platform!

It’s a great way to showcase your brand and attract new listeners within the community.

Here’s how you can set up your campaign: Continue reading