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Spreaker Live Show Podcast

The Keys to Growing your Podcast – Spreaker Live Show #77



In the new episode of the Spreaker Live Show episode  #77 from Wednesday, August 18th show. We discussed three important podcasting topics with Spreaker Head of Content, Rob Greenlee:

  • Keys to Growing your Podcast
  • Finding Podcast Discovery and Listening Simplicity
  • How Music and Sound Effects Make Your Podcast Better

Read more to see show notes and links discussed in this 41 minute podcast episode.

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Podcasting Tips

How Music and Sound Effects Make Your Podcast Better


In this blog post we’ll discuss how including music and sound effects throughout your recordings can create an engaging podcast, and offer a heightened audio experience for your listeners.

When you first start podcasting or are looking to improve, there are a number of things you can do to really make it feel and sound professional; you can focus on your niche, publish episodes regularly, use the right gear, get the right audio-editing software, as well as use music and effects.

Today we’ll focus on the ways different podcasters have used music throughout their content.

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Spreaker Live Show Podcast

Music in Podcasts, Aaron Roden, Air-Raid Podcast – Spreaker Live Show #45


Spreaker Live Show host and Head of Content Rob Greenlee answers comments and listener discussion about the new controversial podcasting research calledPodcasting at a Crossroadsand discusses Music in Podcasts with Aaron Roden, Host of theAir-Raid Podcastsince 2010 and now part of the Adore.fm Podcast Network in episode 45 from Feb 10th, 2016.

Click read more to see the specific topics discussed in this 37 minute interview.

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We’ve Freshened Up Our Explore Page!


Check it out, we’ve given our Explore Page a new look! You guys are still center-stage, but the page features a clearer layout for easy navigation of all of Spreaker’s great creations.

Let’s give you a quick run-through of what you see:

Featured, Star on Stage, and iHeartRadio Pick choices are the first things you see, updated throughout the week. We’ve found a lot of excellent collections and shows to promote throughout the run, and are always listening for the next big thing. Want to get up there? Just send us a link to your show, along with a short description and picture. If everything correctly follows our guidelines, you’ll be given top placement on the page!

In the middle you’ll find the Best of the Community, where you can start navigating all of the content available on Spreaker. It’s where our Sponsored users are spotlighted, as well as actual live broadcasts. Plus, you can access all of the categories of audio available.

Lastly, at the bottom, are our Recommended Lists. Each list is based around its own theme, or niche topic, and is put together by Spreaker’s staff. If you think your show could be listed on one of these lists, contact us here.

We think our Explore Page looks great, and think you’ll like it too. Want to tell us about it? Give us your feedback!

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Spreaker Bands: Meet the Sound of Rock in Russia – Stoneberry


Stoneberry brings their eclectic beats to Spreaker and the world with their Oak Tree EP. We spoke to the band, based in Moscow, Russia.

Do you mind introducing yourselves?

Ilya: I’ve been in the band since we decided to form it together with Grant, during our school years. At first I was excited to play guitar, and was deeply influenced by David Gilmour, but since we never did find a bassist, I tried it out and have enjoyed it ever since then.

Grant: I’ve been playing drums for 7 years, and it is quite funny how I came to it. We decided to form a band and I simply said “OK, I’ll be the drummer”. At school I had met my first drum teacher, and now drums are my life.

Anton: I tried singing out when I was 12. At that time I started playing classical guitar, which I had received from my father. He was my first guru to the world of music, and he taught me to play guitar and piano. At that time I wrote my first songs.

How did Stoneberry start?

Ilya: Stoneberry finally gathered over 4 years ago, but since we came up with the spontaneous idea with Grant to play musical instruments at school, we went through years  of looking for members. I became acquainted with our guitarist Fedya in University and after we were three, Anton found us on the Internet.

Anton: Yeah, the guys tried several vocalists but it all came to nothing. I had also had a band at school, but it broke up as I was looking for a new one. After some unsuccessful attempts to form my own band, I saw they were looking for a vocalist. Since then, we’ve been Stoneberry.

How would you describe your sound? Who and what have been your personal influences?

Grant: Our music is a mix of different genres, because every one of us has different musical influences and frequently they are dispersed. But our compositions are the intersection of our musical tastes. As for myself, I was influenced by my first drum teacher, who gave me my first boost.

My influences are absolutely diverse, for example I like bands such as Gretchen Parlato and Animals As Leaders. But personally, I’m more inspired by individual musicians such as JP Bouvet, Ruslan Gadzhimuradov, Steeve Gadd, Aaron Spears etc.

Anton: I agree that in Stoneberry we can combine all of our ideas and influences, and that’s why I think we always vary in musical genres, play with song structures, apply new instruments, etc. This musical flexibility allows us to create something very exciting and unusual, and it could be why it’s attractive to people.

As for personal influences, I enjoy classic, unfading bands and solo musicians – and there are too many to list, but I also always try to find new names. The latest that have impressed me were soul singers Lianne La Havas and Rhye. My vocal style is mainly formed on Thom Yorke, Neil Young and Jim Morrison.

Ilya: We can’t describe our sound as a certain genre and though, as Grant said, we listen to different music, we can still correlate with each other. I’m inspired by bands such as Pink Floyd, Dredg, Porcupine Tree, and the Russian band In A Nutshell.

You are based in Russia, but have you had a chance to bring your music abroad?

Anton: We haven’t yet had a chance to play abroad, but with the help of social networks like Facebook and mainly Last.fm, we can be heard in different countries and sometimes get feedback. I think that one day we’ll play live somewhere in Europe or wherever and bring our music to foreign audiences.

Do you find audiences abroad take in your music differently?

Grant: Perhaps, yes. Foreign music sets a high standard for composing and performing, and it’s really hard to gather pace with it. Plus, in developed countries people are more accustomed to these higher music standards. In Russia there are fewer professionals and it’s easier to amaze the audience, although people are still not as eager to discover something new.

Anton: However the situation is changing nowadays and the new modern tendencies are beginning to penetrate Russian music markets, too.

Are you touring now, or will you be touring soon?

Ilya: No, though we have some local gigs booked in Moscow and in the suburbs. We are currently concentrating on preparing studio recording sessions for a new single – the starting point to our first LP. After that I think we’ll plan a tour in Russia and enlarge our audience.

Congratulations, guys! We wish you all the best!

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Spreaker Presents Its New Explore Page!


Spreaker’s got a hot, new Explore page, come check it out!

We wanted to put you guys upfront and center, plus make it easy for users to find you. Don’t see yourself there now? No worries, if you’ve got great stuff then you’re sure to be in the spotlight soon.

Hop from category to category and find great content quickly. Our featured content and curated lists give you the best of Spreaker accessible in a cinch.

Let’s take a look around:

At the top of the page, you’ll find all of our regularly published features from throughout the week. It’s a collection of all our spotlighted users: Featured this Week, Star on Stage, and our iHeartRadio Picks.

Just under, you’ll find our general categories, under which all of Spreaker’s content is divided, plus lists of our highlights, currently live shows, and sponsored users.

And at the bottom you’ll find specially curated lists, featuring some of the most popular topics on Spreaker, and our favorite episodes and shows. Check them out, you’ll definitely find something to make your ears happy here.

We hope you love the new look! In fact, you can send us your love here.

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New Profile Page with a Better View!


Today we’re launching a fresh makeover of your profile page. It’s a new space where you’ll find all your personal information and account data, and better manage your Spreaker account.

It’s a merge of both the dashboard and user pages, creating a single space that’s easy on the eyes and better organized:


On the right, you have the usual profile settings, quick access to the music library and your stats. You also have a new Track Menu, featuring lots of handy tabs giving you quick access to  you to all your tracks, collections, followers, and who you’re following.

Invite your Facebook friends to listen to your tracks easily, too, by clicking on the icon located next to your profile pic, as well as share your content on all your social networks.

For a sum-up of all your contacts, interests, and localization, just scroll down to the bottom of the page.

See? It’s as clear as day! Take a look around and please, let us know what you think!


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Mobile App News

We’ve Updated Our iOS App!


Spreaker has done it again, and given our app some fresh, new features. Here are just a few more ways we’re making things more enjoyable and easier for you:

Tap into everything the app features from the new menu, accessible from the left side of the page. Jump straight to broadcasting, the listen page, and more!

The homepage will now feature your newsfeed, this way you can keep up-to-date on all of the amazing audio your favorite users are making, plus check out what other community members are listening to.

Now you can discover new tracks and great artists no matter where you are by browsing through the listen page. It’s the best of Spreaker in the palm of your hand!

Like what you see? Tell us what you think!

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New Waveform for the Best Performance of Your Track


Our new player is catching a wave, just in time for summer.

It’s a new look that will make keeping track of what you listen to and what you like all the more easy. The track turns yellow as it plays, and you can toggle to listen to the exact moment you wish without guessing.

And don’t forget to click on the heart to mark your favorite sounds and broadcasts. Likes and listens are now clearly displayed under the episode’s title.

So what do you think guys? “Like” it? Let us know!

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Podcasting Tips

Q&A with Victoria Ryder of CodeBass Radio


We spoke to Victoria Ryder about what makes the independent radio CodeBass Radio tick. Driven by volunteers made up of developers, designers and others within the community, it’s pure passion on the airwaves, where quality content and pushing your limits has brought success.

Hi Victoria, do you mind introducing yourself?

Howdy! I am the Executive Producer of CodeBass Radio, a community-driven internet radio station. Our tagline is “Where Geek & Music Combine – Immense music and an awesome community of listeners.”  I coordinate the 24/7 operations with the help of my Sr. Producer, Ben Farrell, my manager, James Allen, and a team of all around awesome people. Our team, staffed 100% by volunteers, is comprised of full-time Application Developers, Designers, Audio Visual Engineers and other talented geeky professionals.

How did CodeBass Radio start?

Our core team is made up of various professionals with a special interest in broadcasting who either lacked the time or resources required to pursue the field via more traditional routes. We are all trendsetting personalities who like to push our own limits, as well as to inspire others to do the same. We are all very active within our sphere of influence, so  the ease and speed with which we are growing is no surprise.  The quality of content is pretty amazing, and it only gets better as we all learn our way together.

Sounds like such a refreshing change from the norm. You represent an online independent station, what do you think are the pros and cons of being in independent media? How did you overcome the difficulties?

While the on-demand services such as Spotify are taking hold and definitely have their place in the world of music, the CodeBass Radio team still believes in the personal touch of human-produced radio around which we can build a solid community of good, productive, inspired and motivated people.  We are proud to say that our listenership has steadily increased. However, we believe in the quality of listeners and creativity of content more than quantity.

Being independent, we definitely have a lot more control over the stream. However, licensing and legal issues become a bit more complex.  It is definitely a trade-off, and I always have my eyes open for better hosting opportunities that allow for the sort of flexibility we currently enjoy with regard to both content and stream origination.

We agree, though, on the importance of the quality of listeners and content. Speaking of which, what makes good content?

Remembering that the listeners are people, actual and whole. They are friends and community members with a desire to feel involved in determination of that content to some extent.  We do what we do because we love the human side – the interaction.  It is absolutely no fun for us if it’s not fun for the listeners. Our shows cover a variety of different formats and genres. The key factor, though, is that most of them are directly interactive with our listening community to some degree. Many of the broadcasters are out there tweeting from their own Twitter accounts. The listeners know they’re conversing with the broadcasters.  Most of the listener interaction takes place at Twitter hash tag #CodeBassRadio vs. the station’s main account.  However, we’ve had shows take call-ins via Skype and the like. Our most popular show, The 80sRewind Show, can be viewed behind-the-scenes via webcam with lots of regulars interacting in the webcam’s chat channel. We love to see our numbers rising, but we’re most interested in maintaining quality content and knowing that each number counts.

We do have two station accounts on Twitter:

@codebass – my account with consistent periodic updates and general chatter.

@codebassradio – station metadata, for those who want more frequent “Now Playing” updates. We also have a Facebook Page. We try to reach out only in the places that afford the most interaction.

Yes! Interaction is always a tried and true practice. How do you think broadcasters should approach monetizing their content?

This is hard to say and a question with which I am currently wrestling.  My ultimate desire is never to run advertisements in the stream. Whether our station can remain self-sustaining without them remains to be seen.  That desire is basically the one that keeps us determined to remain wholly independent.  At the very least, we desire a final say over the type and frequency of advertising. I am hoping that using a portion of the CodeBass Radio website for advertising will negate the need for in-stream advertising.  We just recently started leasing ad space in our sidebar.

There are other streams of revenue you can tap.. selling t-shirts or being a reseller of products you like, asking listeners to donate support. There are many avenues of exploration, but you must be ready to be out there promoting all the time. There is no magic switch. If you want to be focused on people vs. automation, it is that much more challenging.

Did you follow Radiodays Europe? What did you think about the quote by Tim Davie: “The most important thing you can do today is tell your mobile operator that you want phones to receive a broadcast signal, as IP can’t deliver us the growth that we need”?

I do not follow that publication and hesitate to speak out-of-context.  My viewpoints are diametrically opposed based on my own experiences, but I am certainly not experienced enough to debate BBC’s Director of Audio. He is welcome to bring me over there for a few days to walk around in his shoes, if he’d like to enlighten me. I am open-minded and can never learn enough about broadcasting technology!

Lastly, anything you’d like to share with Spreaker’s community?

Just that it has been fun to watch Spreaker grow. We at CodeBass Radio value advancing technology, and we especially value exploration and collaboration in this constantly changing landscape of online social A/V.  We’ll continue to observe and learn from you, and we hope you will stop by and give us a listen.. maybe chat us up on Twitter!

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