AdHub: Making Podcast Advertising Accessible

You already know that podcasting is unique in that listeners are more engaged and convert better than any other medium. Now, with our self-serve advertising platform, you will be heard by relevant listeners and have the data to prove it. It’s all about making podcast advertising more accessible for you. 

Introducing Spreaker’s AdHub, a cost-effective way to grow your listener base. Our simple and straightforward tool can help you get your message heard by your ideal listeners across the whole Spreaker pod-catalog. This is done thanks to our dynamic advertising technology, which automatically inserts your advertisement into our massive catalog of podcasts, allowing it to be heard by thousands of listeners regardless of the app they use (Spreaker, iHeartRadio, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and so on). This means that you don’t need any fancy agencies to be heard by thousands, all you really need is our AdHub. 

Before we explain HOW this is done, let’s look at an example. You have a podcast that specifically focuses on healthy eating and nutrition. Instead of wasting time on social media, sharing podcast links to people who may or may not be podcast listeners, you can instead focus on podcast advertising.

Upload an ad on AdHub, and specifically target podcast listeners who are interested in health & fitness. In this way, you are focusing on targeting people who not only are already podcast listeners but who are interested in your specific podcast topic. Talk about a win-win situation. 

Podcast Advertising on Spreaker with AdHub

AdHub, which is available at the moment to US users only, gives you the chance to promote your podcast with an audio ad inserted onto other targeted podcasts. But how can you do this exactly? 

First of all, you should think about creating an audio ad promoting your podcast. Once you’ve created an ad, which should be between 15-30 seconds long, you can click on “Create Your First Ad” in the AdHub section. You will then be asked to: 

  • Choose a name/title for the ad
  • Upload the audio file of your ad (max. 30 seconds, mp3 file suggested)
  • Select the country (only the U.S. is available for the moment)
  • Select the audience interests
  • Set the budget by selecting one of our packages
  • Top up or submit your ad straight away

Once submitted, Spreaker reviews and approves your Ad within 3 business days. In case of rejection, the budget allocated will be unlocked and you’ll be able to reuse it to create a new AdHub ad. If you need further information, you can learn more about AdHub in our Help Center here.

But wait there’s more. Once you’ve launched an ad campaign, Spreaker will also provide you with reports to check the results along the way. Our tool will also show you the real-time number of impressions reached and the related spend on your budget. 

Our AdHub tool allows podcasters to maximize their exposure and reach out to an untapped market, connecting you with your target audience in a more straightforward way than ever before. It is also 100% unique, there is nothing else like this available on the market. 

Are you ready to stop imagining and start utilizing your advertising dollars in an impactful way? 

Click here to start advertising right now. 

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