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How to Streamline Ad Management as a Podcast Publisher

The intimacy of podcasting creates trust, which spurs listeners to take action when they hear ads… and advertisers are starting to truly uncover this power and invest more.

Now those advertisers are knocking down your organization’s door to be included in your catalog of podcasts, but your team is struggling to manage the campaign and maximize your earnings. Sound familiar? That’s where Spreaker’s Campaign Manager comes in. 

Integrated into our CMS, the Campaign Manager is an easy-to-use smart tool that’s built for podcast publishers to traffic their own advertising campaigns; You can seamlessly set-up, configure and analyze your own ads and desired listener targets. It’s for you to insert ads with pinpoint precision, keep your back catalog fresh, and accurately evaluate campaign performance.

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Podcasting Tips

#PodStories: From Star Wars Admirer to Facebook Fandom

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, a young boy fell in love with a modern-day myth. Now, he is passing that love for Star Wars along to his two sons.

David Jesse’s first Star Wars memories were watching A New Hope on HBO; playing with 3.75” Luke Skywalker and Han Solo figures in his backyard; making lightsabers out of paper towel rolls, and picking his jaw up off the floor when he was given a Tie Fighter for Christmas. His family wasn’t the movie-going type, so he never had the privilege of seeing the Original Trilogy in theaters, but he definitely shook with disbelief when Darth Vader revealed that he was Luke’s father in the Empire Strikes Back.

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News Press Release

NEW Collaboration with Staples Connect in Boston Area

We’re excited to share that Spreaker is the hosting and distribution vendor within the podcast space at six Staples Connect retail stores in the Boston area! Earlier this month, Staples US Retail announced the opening of Staples Connect, a reinvented store with coworking, podcasting and community event spaces where professionals, teachers and students alike can connect and grow. The first six Staples Connects have opened in the home state – Massachusetts – of Staples US Retail in Cambridge, Somerville, Needham, Boston, Brighton and Danvers. 
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Share exclusive content with NEW Spreaker Enterprise private podcast RSS feed

New Spreaker Enterprise feature

Since last January’s launch of Spreaker Enterprise – the ultimate podtech solution that connects publishers and advertisers (plus a lot more!) – we’ve been busy simplifying the management and monetization of audio departments for companies like Vanity Fair (Italy and Spain), HBO (Latin America) and Red Bull… just to name a few! While we develop customized (yet very scalable) technology for each Spreaker Enterprise client, we’re always working to provide an even more robust set of baseline features. That’s exactly why we’re thrilled to introduce our new private podcast RSS feed feature!

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Podcasting Tips

Increase Podcast Discoverability & Collaboration in 2020 with Podchaser!

It’s a new year, and with that, we know many of you have goals to really take your podcast to the next level! Our team is always looking for ways to support exactly that, so we’re thrilled to kick off 2020 with our Podchaser partnership!
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Mobile App Product

Schedule Episodes Straight From Your Phone

We’re pleased to announce that it’s now possible to schedule podcast episodes straight from Spreaker Studio for mobile – a feature that was previously available via Spreaker Studio for Desktop. All it takes is a few taps to schedule your podcast while out and about!
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Spreaker Prime Podcasters Generate $1M in Ad Revenue

We’re so thrilled to announce the initial success of Spreaker Prime, our new white-glove service for talented independent podcasters and networks. In the first three months of the revenue-sharing program, our Spreaker Prime podcasters generated $1 million dollars via programmatic advertising, with sixty-percent of the profits going directly to the podcasters!

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Podcasting Tips

NEW: Distribute Globally on Deezer

We’re constantly working to find partnerships that will be of benefit our amazing community of podcasters, so we’re thrilled to announce our new integration with Deezer! While our parent company Voxnest announced a partnership with Deezer in late 2018, this new arm of the union allows podcasts hosted on Spreaker to be directly distributed to Deezer, an online music streaming platform.

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About Spreaker

Spreaker Enterprise Users Can Now Exclude Ad Categories

When we launched Spreaker Enterprise in January, we had one goal in-mind: Create the ultimate podcast solution for big editorial teams like media publishers and content networks so they can effortlessly manage their audio advertising operations and publishing workflow. 

Part of the solution’s appeal is the user-friendly dynamic ad insertion function that allows our podcasters and publishers to focus on where ads should appear (down to the precise millisecond), and then we take care of the rest

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Podcasting Tips

Spreaker Enterprise Launches First Set of Customizable Features

Earlier this year, we unveiled Spreaker Enterprise, the ultimate podcast solution for big editorial teams to effortlessly manage their publishing workflow and audio advertising operations. In the months since its launch, we’ve been busy onboarding and providing custom solutions to our larger media publishers, brands and B2B customers.

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