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Podcast Monetization: What You Need to Know

Podcast Monetization What you need to know

What is podcast monetization and how do podcasts make money? You’ve probably realized by now that almost everyone and their brother are podcasting. From Michelle Obama to Oprah Winfrey, to the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, it seems like podcasting is the new craze. And it’s paying off. 

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Podcasting Tips

Creating an Audiogram Just Got Easier on Spreaker

creating an audiogram

Growing your podcast audience is something you should do regularly, dedicating just as much time and passion as you do when crafting and recording each of your podcast episodes. But marketing your podcast can be frustrating. There are so many shows out there. It is getting harder to make your podcast stand out from the crowd. However, the good news is that an audiogram can help your show pop and grab potential listener’s attention. 

“More involved than a gif, less commitment than a video, these are like small flavorful tastes to tempt passers-by into committing to a whole meal.”

– Lindsay Friel, The Podcast Host 

In fact, Headliner performed a study where they shared a podcast episode on Facebook in two different ways, which include using a static image versus an audiogram, and the audiogram generated five times the results and traffic. The static image generated 118 clicks and the audiogram generated 660 clicks. An audiogram is a static image that’s converted into a video by placing audio, a waveform, and transcriptions over it.

As outlined by Podcast Insights, if podcasters don’t have a video podcast, then creating video assets for your episode, in the form of audiograms, can help your content perform better when shared online. 

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Monetize Your Podcast with Spreaker Prime

monetizing your podcast

You’ve launched your podcast, gained a good amount of listeners and now you’re ready to monetize. But how can you go from bringing in a couple of bucks per month with your podcast to earning a full-time income?

Introducing Spreaker’s Prime Program, one of the only podcast programs out there that is fully committed to supporting the growth of up-and-coming content creators by increasing their podcast’s exposure and maximizing monetization. 

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Podcasting Tips

Podcasting as a Publisher: A Complete Guide

Guide to Podcasting for Publishers

Introducing the ultimate guide to podcasting for publishers

Launched in 2010, we are now the leading platform for creating, distributing, measuring, and listening to on-demand and live podcasts. While we’ve long been a great resource and tool for independent podcasters, we’ve spent the last couple of years filling the gap and specializing in providing solutions specifically for podcast publishers.

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Podcasting Tips

The Ultimate Guide to Promoting Your Podcast: Part 2

Before we delve into the second part of our Ultimate Guide to Promoting Your Podcast, if you haven’t read Part 1, click here to go back and peruse the post. Don’t worry, we’ll wait. Why? Well in the first part of our ultimate guide, we touched upon some essential podcasting questions, which include tips and tricks about creating your own website and implementing the perfect marketing and social media strategy for your podcast.

In Part 2, we will focus more specifically on DISTRIBUTION. How can you distribute your podcast to the right people? Well, we’ve got you covered. 

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Podcasting Tips

The Ultimate Guide to Promoting Your Podcast: Part 1

promote your podcast
Bruce Wawrzyniak, host of “Now Hear This Entertainment” wrote in a previous guest post that he fears podcasters are constantly adopting a “build it and they will come” approach. But with over 1 million podcasts in circulation, distribution on a variety of different platforms is not enough – although, with Spreaker’s one-click distribution, it does help. But the question remains: how can you promote your podcast?
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Meet Spreaker’s Publisher Plan

Spreaker's publisher plan for podcast publishers
When we launched Spreaker’s plan for enterprise users in 2019 we had the goal of being the ultimate podtech solution for podcast publishers. Since its launch, we’ve helped podcasters and publishers like SKY, Global, Mondadori, Vanity Fair Italy, and Spain, HBO  Latin America, connect with advertisers, scale their monetization, and efficiently manage podcast content.  Podcasting is no longer a budding media experiment. It is a mainstream medium that plays an essential role in the advertising and marketing strategies of thousands of podcast publishers, who are facing the challenge of managing massive amounts of audio content while simultaneously trying to monetize their entire catalog. 
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