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Podcasting as a Publisher: A Complete Guide

Guide to Podcasting for Publishers

Introducing the ultimate guide to podcasting for publishers

Launched in 2010, we are now the leading platform for creating, distributing, measuring, and listening to on-demand and live podcasts. While we’ve long been a great resource and tool for independent podcasters, we’ve spent the last couple of years filling the gap and specializing in providing podcasting for publishers solutions. 

In 2019, we launched our Enterprise plan with the goal of being the ultimate podtech solution for podcast publishers. Since its launch, we’ve helped podcasters and publishers like SKY, Global, Mondadori, Vanity Fair, and HBO Latin America, connect with advertisers, scale their monetization, and efficiently manage their podcast content.

As a result of working extensively with podcast publishers, we’ve realized that although there is a lot of advice out there for starting a podcast as an independent creative, there’s a lack of information available specifically for publishers. Because podcast publishers face their own unique challenges and have a different set of needs, this guide is an in-depth resource for walking established brands – who already have a website and audience – through the best practices of adding a podcast into the mix.

Guide Content

If you’re thinking about downloading this ebook, then you’re probably looking for answers about the wonderful world of podcasting. And that is exactly what you’ll find within the pages of this guide. Some things that we will address inside the guide are: 


    • The uptick of podcast publishers
    • Are smaller publishers finding success in the industry?


    • Who are you podcasting for? + mini-exercise to identify your avatar
    • Choosing the format: interview, solo, narrative, or conversational?


    • What type of equipment do you need?
    • How long does it take to produce a podcast?


    • IAB Tech LAB Certified Statistics – what are they and why are they important to understand?
    • The difference between live reads feed drop and dynamic advertising opportunities
    • Are publishers making money off of podcasting?

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Even with the disruptions to normality that 2020 has brought to the industry, it’s clear to see that podcasting is full speed ahead. We at Spreaker are excited to present this guide as the first of many guides that focuses on providing actionable and in-depth resources about podcasting solutions specifically for publishers.

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