Meet Spreaker’s Publisher Plan

When we launched Spreaker’s plan for enterprise users in 2019 we had the goal of being the ultimate podtech solution for podcast publishers. Since its launch, we’ve helped podcasters and publishers like SKY, Global, Mondadori, Vanity Fair Italy, and Spain, HBO  Latin America, connect with advertisers, scale their monetization, and efficiently manage podcast content. 

Podcasting is no longer a budding media experiment. It is a mainstream medium that plays an essential role in the advertising and marketing strategies of thousands of podcast publishers, who are facing the challenge of managing massive amounts of audio content while simultaneously trying to monetize their entire catalog. 

Knowing that this is a challenge faced by many publishers, we at Spreaker have decided to offer a customizable Publisher Plan that fits the specific needs of each of our clients and provides an even robust set of baseline features so that every user can easily scale their podcast business. What does this mean? Well, we have a basic Publisher Plan, but if you have any additional necessities, we can personally work with you to customize it to fit all your wants and needs. 

Before we get into it, here is a small visual intro about the plan.

Our Publisher Plan is different than any of our other plans as it doesn’t limit your downloads. In essence, it is a complete podcast platform with a pay-as-you-go pricing scheme. Along with the possibility of unlimited downloads, our Publisher Plan includes all of our previous offerings, like one-click distribution, PLUS a couple of extra features that are highlighted below.

These two features include:

  • Collaboration

  • Campaign Management 

Collaboration: adding podcast collaborators 

As you know, Spreaker already gives you one way to collaborate with those on your team via the Podcast Collaboration feature, and this level of collaboration isn’t going anywhere. The new Network Collaboration is an additional feature that allows you to extend higher-level permission to teammates involved in all the podcasts on your network. While you may only want to share a single podcast with some teammates through the Podcast Collaboration feature, the new Network Collaboration feature will save you time by allowing you to add a collaborator to your network with a single invite. 

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A Network Collaborator can: 

  • Edit podcast settings and manage episodes
  • Create new episodes for the podcasts they collaborate on
  • Create new podcasts on the network they collaborate on*
  • See individual statistics for the podcasts they collaborate on
  • See aggregated statistics for all the podcasts on the network they collaborate on*
  • Instantly access the features above as soon as they are added to the network*
*Actions that Podcast Collaborators cannot perform. 

If your podcasting business is expansive, you can contact our sales team to discuss the possibility of activating our Organization feature. The Organization feature gives one company admin the ability to bring every Network under one account, while still hosting different admin levels and permissions at the Organization, Network and Podcast level. Let’s simplify this explanation with an example. Condé Nast is a global mass media company, which is home to numerous media brands like Vogue, Glamour, and Vanity Fair. In the context of the Organization feature, each media brand would represent a Network, which would host their own podcasts relating to their target audience and brand. Networks do not communicate with each other, so podcasts posted by the Glamour network would not be accessible by individuals working within the Vanity Fair Network. Network isolation allows for separate collaborative ecosystems. Finally, all of these Networks would fall under the Condé Nast Organization umbrella. An administrator can be set for the Organization, which in this case would be someone working for Condé Nast, who would be responsible for managing the accounts, users, and podcasts within all of the Networks located under the Organization’s umbrella. And if you need a more visual example of the above explanation, here it is: 

Podcast publishers

If you still would like to learn more about our Organization feature, please do not hesitate to contact us at, we are here to help you with all your questions and concerns. 

Campaign Management: managing your podcast monetization strategies

As advertising revenue swells year-on-year, the opportunities and approaches to monetization are shifting and becoming increasingly accessible, leaving the traditional models of sponsorship behind. Here at Spreaker, we believe that this is great news for the whole industry and we have invested heavily in generating opportunities for innovative monetization models.

Spreaker uses two types of monetization technology that could provide useful to publishers and podcasters alike: 

  • Programmatic ads
  • Ad Manager 

Programmatic ads are automatically bought and optimized according to your listeners. Spreaker is connected to many different media buyers and ad exchanges. This means that if podcast publishers lack a sales team or the time to manage the ad portion of their business then we can help you connect with the right advertisers. But more importantly, programmatic ads can help publishers sell 100% of their inventory, not only to domestic but also to international markets. So, for example, if 30% of your podcast listeners are from France, then we can serve them specific ads for that specific region. 

Ads target the right listeners based on demographics, devices, and interests. Furthermore, episodes will update with new ads every time they are streamed or downloaded, making sure that your content stays relevant and reaches the right user. You can even easily decide whether your ads will be dynamically inserted in pre-, mid- and post rolls. All of this can be done automatically and, most importantly, effortless. 

However, if podcast publishers are looking to include their own audio ads to their inventory, then they can contact our sales team to discuss the option of activating the ad manager. Whether you have your own deals with advertisers or you’d like to broadcast self-promo ads, this is the place where you can set-up and configure ad campaigns, desired targets, and monitor the whole progress. This tool enables you to use dynamic ad injection and/or traditional ads across your network of shows, allowing you to market podcasts, events, and releases. In essence, the Facebook ad manager adapted for podcast users. 

We can offer you all of this PLUS priority support. This means that if you ever have any questions, doubts, concerns, or musing, we are only one quick email away. 

Are you ready to take your podcasting business to the next level? 

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Meet Spreaker’s Publisher Plan!
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