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One-Click Distribution. Your New Weapon for Reaching Thousands of Listeners!

(Last Update: June 18, 2020) At Spreaker we want to give you the best opportunities to make your podcast a huge success, how can we help you do that? By giving you as many tools and features for creating excellent content and facilitating easy podcast distribution. With Spreaker there are already so many ways for you to personalize your podcasting experience: live stream or pre-record, experiment with music and sound, monetize via our revenue program and now we’ve added a super simple way for you to syndicate your podcast to all the key platforms. Update: We’ve just added another distribution channel to the list: JioSaavn.
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Listening Spotlight

Must Listen Podcasts for Pride Month

(Last updated June 17th, 2020). June is Pride Month, a month-long celebration of all things LGBTQ and human and civil rights. So, how can we celebrate the occasion? By highlighting the top 10 most interesting and exciting LGBTQ podcasts and podcasters, those who are committed to standing for LGBTQ rights and highlighting issues that still affect society today.

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Podcasting Tips

5 Steps to Creating a Podcast Budget

It’s a myth that setting up a podcast needs to be costly or expensive (of course it can be!) but podcasting on a budget is totally achievable. If you’ve been wondering, how much does it cost to run a podcast? It’s a tricky question.

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Events News

PodCon 2019 – What to See and Where to Be

Now in its second year, PodCon 2 has become an annual date in our diary and we can’t wait for this weekend’s event.

If you’re not already aware of PodCon 2 – get informed! Last year’s event impressed us so much – the quality of panels and speakers got us so excited for the podcasting industry. That’s why we decided to show our support to the event by becoming lead sponsors for this year’s meet, which is expecting over 3,000+ attendees.

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Podcasting Tips

Google Podcasts Submission Explained: All You Need to Know

(Updated on June 2019) Google has made a game-changing announcement for podcasters, unveiling its plans for Google Podcasts, a complete podcast ecosystem.

Google Podcasts – and its future updates – will offer podcasters the chance to potentially double their audience numbers by publishing across the myriad of Google platforms: Google Search Results, Google Podcasts App, Google Voice Assistant and last but definitely not least, Google Home Devices.

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News Product

What’s the status of HTTPS feeds on Apple Podcasts?

As probably every podcaster already knows, at the end of May, Apple communicated that they will soon require secure podcast feeds as part of publishing podcasts with them.

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What Offline Networking Means for Online Brand Success

When you attended your last conference, did you notice people mentioning social media channels? For example, did guest speakers give attendees a hashtag to follow? Or did workshop hosts ask participants to “like” their Facebook pages?

If so, you’ve witnessed individuals maximizing their offline activities, in order to increase their online personas. These methods keep highly-networked audiences engaged with your brand after your in-person encounters. As a podcaster, it’s to your benefit to recreate and personalize these techniques to draw attention to your podcast.

Research shows that “90% of word-of-mouth conversations about brands take place offline, primarily face-to-face.” While we hope our social media campaigns go viral, the data tells us that most links only reach 5-10 people. Therefore, conversations with folks at the grocery store, your favorite restaurant, a baseball game, or anywhere people meet offline brings a greater sense of credibility.

Create relentless buzz about your podcast. Here are four ways to use your offline networking efforts for online success:

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#YEPS - Your Epic Podcast Story Listening Podcasting Tips

Extraordinary Women Explained; An Interview With Heroine Podcast

Heroine podcast is where to tune-in if you want to be inspired by creative and amazing women from all over the world. Sailors to CEOs, artists to authors – there are women from all fields of work and all walks of life. This week we’ve been chatting to its founder and host, Majo Molfino, about how she got into podcasting.

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#YEPS - Your Epic Podcast Story Podcasting Tips

Local Journalist to True Crime Podcaster; Richard O Jones Shares His Story

True crime podcasts draw listeners from all over the globe and are some of the most well-known podcasts about, just think Serial. As our #YEPS campaign continues, this week we talk to local journalist turned true-crime podcaster, Richard O Jones, who relays crime stories in a historical context, about how he got his show off the ground and what keeps him going.

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Podcasting Tips

How to Promote Your Podcast

I have a fear that podcasters are taking the “build it and they will come” approach. One’s attitude could quickly become cavalier once their newest episode is uploaded. Sit back, put your feet up, and wait for people to come find it, right? Wrong.

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