grow your podcast email list

Why You Should Grow Your Podcast Email List

Whether you’re a seasoned email marketer or a total newbie this guide will break down all the elements you need to tackle email marketing in order to start connecting with your audience in a more effective and meaningful way.
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Grow your podcast audience

Building a Community Around Your Podcast

A good podcast isn’t determined by how charming its hosts are, but rather how they connect with their listeners. If you want to grow your podcast audience with content that stands out, knowing how to build a community around your podcast is essential. 
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how I have a website for my podcast?

Why You Should Have a Podcast Website

Podcasters often adhere to the well-known Field of Dreams quote, “If you build it they will come”. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case. And this is why you might need a podcast website. Confused? Don't worry, keep reading. 
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Streamline Ad Management as a Podcast Publisher

Now those advertisers are knocking down your organization’s door to be included in your catalog of podcasts, but your team is struggling to manage the campaign and maximize your earnings. Sound familiar? That’s where Spreaker’s Campaign Manager comes in. 
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