Talk To The Right People: Embed Your Podcast to Medium, Patreon, and More

You asked and we listened. Now it’s even easier to get your podcast heard by more people, as we’ve enabled automatic embedding across a range of platforms. Whatever your subject field, we want to make it possible for you to speak to more listeners and most importantly, the right ones. What’s more? The process is extremely simple and takes just seconds.

Enrich Your Story on Medium

For fans of the written word now it’s possible to embed on Medium, the home of all things literary. If you’re a journalist, influencer or writer, why not add depth and a different perspective to your words by adding audio?

To see your episode embedded in your Medium post, simply copy its URL, paste it into your post’s body and click enter. You can do the same with the podcast’s link and embed your entire podast if you want readers to have the chance to listen to all of your previous podcasts. We’ve included a little visual below to make it as clear as possible for you!

embed your podcast

Care For Your Audience on Patreon

Any podcaster looking to infiltrate the creative world, good news! Now you can publish to Patreon. If you’re already a Patreon user, you can integrate your podcast to your page with complete ease and there is even the option of Private Episode Sharing. Private episode sharing allows you to take care of your most loyal fans with extra care, for example you could create special, one-off bonus episodes just for your Patreon supporters. The possibilities are endless.

To share your special podcasts with your Patreons you just need to copy the content URL from Spreaker and copy it in the “Audio” section when creating a new Post as shown here below.

embedded podcast

Last but by no means least, are the platforms like Kickstarter and Change – so all you fundraisers, revolutionaries and do-gooders – inspire people to get behind your cause by adding an audio dimension to your project.

To begin sharing your content across these platforms, all you need to do is copy and paste the episode or podcast link when uploading your content. Once pasted, the embedded player will show up automatically and you can get publishing. That’s it. Now you know how and where you can share your podcast, you can start using this feature immediately.

Audio is the perfect way to enrich your message or cause and add impact. Get sharing and enjoy the possibilities!

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        • Hello Ken,

          The feature is available for all the Spreaker plans.
          In regards to the platforms, they have different costs – and some do not have at all – so I recommend you to check out their own website for more information.



  1. On Patreon it does not work. Inserting the link as shown, the Player is not shown but works as before … refer to the spreaker page.

    • Hello Alessio,

      Did you make sure you selected the “Audio” option instead of the “Link” one when creating the post on Patreon?
      The player will show up properly from that dedicated section. If you have further issues, please contact us at



        • Hello!

          You should be able to do it by simply copying and pasting the show or episode’s link in the post. The GIF attached should show it. If you have any further issues, please contact us at


  2. Hi Sergio, this is fantastic! I embedded an episode in a post on Patreon and it looks good but I would love to customize the look like we can with the player widget. Do you think that will be available at some point? Thank.

    • Hi Ileane!

      Your feedback makes sense! We have not planned any developments so far but I’ve already forwarded your feedback to our developers… so we can think ways to introduce these customization options 🙂



    • Hello Stewart!

      I’m not 100% sure I got your question. Can you please contact us directly at with further info about this integration request? This way I can share your feedback with our developers and investigate further.



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