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Spreaker Live Show #42: Growth Hacking Podcasting, Geoff Colon, Microsoft Emerging Social Media


Here is another episode of the Spreaker Live Show ,#42. Our Head of Content Rob Greenlee’s guest on January 20th, was Geoffrey Colon, Group Product Marketing Manager and Social Data Subject Matter Expert at Microsoft and podcast host of Disruptive FM on Spreaker.

In his Microsoft role, Geoffrey leads a scrum team of hybrid creative and analytical marketers who create, execute and measure digitally-driven communications to help drive education and adoption of Microsoft Search Advertising products. Geoffrey was VP of Digital Strategy at Ogilvy & Mather in New York City.

Geoffrey is host of the weekly marketing podcast for eccentric minds called Disruptive FM on Spreaker, producer and host of the video series “#AdHacks” and The Disruptive Marketer, is a LinkedIn influencer, and blogs regularly on Medium, DisruptiveMarketer.net and the Microsoft Search Advertising blog.

Colon’s first book Disruptive Marketing: What Growth Hackers, Data Punks, And Other Hybrid Thinkers Can Teach Us About Navigating The New Normal is due to be released on August 15, 2016 on AMACOM Books

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Three New Year’s Resolutions for Podcasters


Well, January is almost over and now that the holidays have passed we’re all back to our everyday lives. Nevertheless, some of us are still drawing up our New Year’s resolutions, and while we all know it’s fun making to-do lists, it’s really hard to keep them up during the year. But not to worry, Spreaker’s there for you!

Whether you’re a podcasting pro or in the “I should start a podcast”phase, we think there are three important things every podcaster should do:


1. Record your audio content for free in a professional way

Focus your mind and imagine: you’re in your comfiest pajamas ever (because who will ever know what you’re wearing?), holding your favorite Star Wars mug, the cat is sleeping in the warmest spot in the house (a.k.a. on the keyboard), headphones and mic are on and… you hit REC and let loose your charming voice to the whole world, like a boss.

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Colin Gray’s The Podcast Host course is in Spreaker’s Store!


We’ve got big news about Spreaker’s Podcasting Tools today! Thanks to our partnership with Colin Gray’s Podcast Host, you can now get professional help (at a discounted price!) to power your podcast.

Colin Gray is a podcaster by passion and a teacher at heart. With The Podcast Host he teaches businesses and individuals how to podcast and use it as a tool to grow a faithful audience and develop a business. Our hope is that all of Spreaker’s community is as passionate as Colin is, and that you enjoy his podcasts!

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Spreaker Live Show #41: Race to Dominate Podcasting, Seth Resler, Jacobs Media


Here is another episode of the Spreaker Live Show #41. Our Head of Content Rob Greenlee’s guest on the Jan 13th, 2016 episode was Seth Resler, Digital Dot Connector at Jacobs Media and writes for the JacobsMediaBlog.com and AllAccess.comBroadcaster Meets Podcaster” column.

He is interviewing with radio and podcast industry leaders at SethResler.com and is also 20-year broadcast radio veteran. He has years of experience both on the microphone and behind the programming desk. Then he left full time radio to enter the new world of online marketing and then that took him back to podcasting and online radio.

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Spreaker Podcast Radio for Android: What’s New!


We’ve got news for you! We just released an updated version of Spreaker Podcast Radio for Android, and it includes an exciting new feature. Introducing the Newsfeed section!

Never miss what your favorite podcasters and networks are up to again. In the newsfeed, you’ll get a continuous stream of updates, from new content created to what everyone’s been listening to.

Choose between two settings: All activity so that you won’t miss any of the actions podcasters or networks make, or New content to see only the latest episodes that have been published.

If you see something interesting, just tap on it to listen to it right away, or tap on the More option (the three dots) to select where you want that particular content to go.

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Spreaker Live Show #40: Jason Hawes, SYFY Ghost Hunter and Host BeyondRealityRadio.com


Here is another episode of the Spreaker Live Show #40. Our Head of Content Rob Greenlee’s guest on the Jan 6th, 2016 episode is Jason Hawes, host of Beyond Reality Radio on Spreaker and is founder of The Atlantic Paranormal Society, which is based in Warwick, Rhode Island. He is also one of the stars and co-producers of SYFY’s Ghost Hunters, which just finished its tenth season.

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Spreaker Live Show #39: Podcasting Down Under with Joel Zammit, Host of SansPantsRadio.com


Here is another episode of the Spreaker Live Show, #39 from Dec 30th, 2015. Our Head of Content Rob Greenlee’s guest this week is Joel Zammit, Business Manager and Host at SansPantsRadio.com in Australia. Joel is co-host of SansPants’ “Plumbing The Death Star” podcast, and is also a Media Lecturer/Tutor at La Trobe University in Melbourne.

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Podcasting Has Never Sounded Better: Here’s to 2015!

Spreaker's Team

2015 has been an amazing year, with so much happening with us at Spreaker, as well as the podcasting community at large. It was a great year to become a podcaster, or learn how to be a better one, with new information and tips abound  –  many of which were featured on this very blog.

From the moment the podcasting seed was planted in your mind, we wanted to be there to help you out, step-by-step along the way.

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Spreaker Live Show #38: Podcasting in Europe, Karin Hoegh, Podcasting Consultant, Podconsult.dk


ksrinhoegh-222x444In this weeks 29 minute pre-recorded “Spreaker Live Show” episode #38. We speak with Karin Hoegh, a very long-time Podcast Consultant at Podconsult.dk/english out of Denmark. Karin is very well known in the podcasting community and has been a vocal advocate for podcasts in Europe for many year. She joined me on the show from Copenhagen to give her real world experience around Podcasting in Europe. Karin has been a very active representative of the podcasting in Denmark since the very early days of Podcasting and has been a regular attendee of many podcasting conferences in the USA.

Show Discussion Topics:

  • She offers her impression of the podcasting market in Denmark and in other parts of Europe?
  • What are you seeing around podcasting awareness and listenership and new content growth in Europe?
  • We discuss my experience at a Podcaster Meetup in Barcelona, Spain a week ago and how all the podcasters spoke in their podcasts using Spanish, but agreed that the most popular podcasts people listen to in Spain are in English.
  • We discuss how podcasts are listened to or created by a very numbers of people in Europe and most yet do not know what a podcast is or care.
  • Will European media ever get excited about podcasting, like what the USA media has done because of “Serial” here in the USA?
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3 Social Media Strategies for FaithCasters




“If you build it, they will come.” The only person that ever worked out for was Kevin Costner. If you’re a podcaster and the only thing you’re doing to build your audience is publishing your podcast, then you may be living in your own “Field of Dreams.”

There are upwards of 180,000 podcasts currently circulating, clamoring for listeners in 2015. This means that the odds of your ideal listener finding you, without some “New and Noteworthy” push from i-Tunes can be quite slim. If you’re a faith-caster, the odds become even slimmer since the most popular podcasts tend to fall into the comedy, business, sports, or lifestyle categories.

In short, you have to work a little harder to drive your audience to your podcast. Since launching Branding for Believers, I’ve use three social media strategies that have really provided a boost in downloads and listenership.

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