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Your Tool For Creating The Slickest Audio Around has Just Landed

You’ve recorded your podcast, you’re ready to share it… but before you press publish – stop!

Our new crop tool (for iOS and Android) is a simple podcast editing process which lets you cut out those annoying extras to help you create your sleekest, smoothest audio to date.

A quick replay will let you listen out for any unnecessary extras, so you can cut those coughs, umms, and pauses and make your podcast totally ready for reaching thousands of listeners with our one tap distribution tool.

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NEW! Direct publishing from Hindenburg to Spreaker

We’re pleased to announce the integration of Spreaker with audio editing tool Hindenburg. The union will allow Hindenburg’s users the opportunity to publish quickly, easily and directly to Spreaker and therefore potentially reach thousands of new podcast listeners.

Hindenburg’s software was originally designed to suit the needs of journalists and reporters, providing a simple audio recording solution. Nowadays, it offers a range of products available to suit all levels of audio producer and podcasters, from independent story-tellers to large professional organizations and even schools / educational institutions.

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News Podcasting Tips

A Complete Guide to Adding the Perfect Music and Sound Effects to Your Podcast

Music and sound are a simple yet effective way to help create an even more engaging podcast for your listeners. Using music in podcasts has the ability to define your podcast’s tone, make it instantly recognizable and are an effective way to create a heightened audio experience for your audience. With this in mind, we want to look at the ways different podcasters have used music and sound throughout their content with serious impact.

MUSIC: Where’s best to add it?

As a podcaster, you have three options of where to add music, at the beginning or end as a sort of title/credits music, to divide podcast segments and as interview background music.

  • Intro / Outro

Your podcast intro is the most important audio element you’ll ever create for your podcast; it’s the first thing potential new listeners hear. The first thing to consider is that your intro, or pre-roll, should be made with your audience at the forefront of your mind – making sure to immediately communicate just what your podcast’s about.

Forbes underlines its importance: “It’s the first piece of audio that the listener is going to hear, so it’s important to solidify a distinct mood and sound to represent that particular podcast or song.”

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Distributing your podcast is easier than ever before

Our goal is to create the best all-in-one podcast creation app, one which is portable, flexible and works for every level of podcasters.
This year we’ve made two further steps towards achieving this goal: in February we announced our first post-production feature, allowing iOS users to edit while on-the-go, and in January we added a new navigation bar, giving users clear access to their episodes drafts, previous episodes, and stats.
Continuing this mission of creating an app tailored to podcasters’ needs, we’re super excited to announce the launch of a new update.

Be ready to enjoy our one-tap podcast distribution feature, a function we know will help to remove some of the complications and fuss out of creating a podcast!

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Podcasting Tips

Our Podcast Monetization Program Launches on Spotify!

Power your profit from Spotify

Today’s the day you’ll start seeing a boost to your revenue! After working hard for the last few weeks to expand our Monetization Program to Spotify, we’re super excited to finally announce that it’s been enabled for all of our Pro podcasters to use.

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Podcasting Tips

How 11 organizers created successful podcaster communities

As part of our series on podcaster communities we spoke to 11 different individuals who help run active communities both online and offline in different parts of the world. Our aim was to both understand the motivations and challenges of organizers better, as well as highlight the great work these organizers are doing, share their journeys and celebrate their accomplishments. In these interviews, we deepened our learnings about some incredible communities and their knowledge which we’re excited to share.

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Podcasting Tips

5 Steps to Creating a Podcast Budget

It’s a myth that setting up a podcast needs to be costly or expensive (of course it can be!) but podcasting on a budget is totally achievable. If you’ve been wondering, how much does it cost to run a podcast? It’s a tricky question.

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New from Spreaker Studio: edit while on the move

Make your content even more awesome!
Whether you want to give it one last edit before publishing or shorten it before saving it to your phone – the new iOS version of 
Spreaker Studio lets you do all that in seconds.

We understand how important flexibility and control are when creating audio, that’s why we’re constantly adding more podcast editing features to our apps which help make this possible.  

Introducing our latest podcast editing tool.

Mistakes (and a lot of waffle) happen when making podcasts, especially when recording live, and we know how crucial it is to be able to edit your podcast and get it sounding just the way you want it. With this in mind, we’re thrilled to share with you our latest app feature: a post-production trimming tool.

The latest iOS version of Spreaker Studio opens up a whole new world of recording and editing while on the go – eliminating the need to wait until you’re near a computer to sync the recording, edit and then share.

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Podcasting Tips

Podcaster Communities: A Data-Driven Insight

Podcaster Communities: A Data-Driven Insight

One of the keys to successful podcasting is finding a support network of other like-minded individuals who are on the same journey. Communities of podcasters provide a great way of filling this need through knowledge exchange and offering inspiration and moral support to one another. That’s why many podcaster communities were started and continue to flourish both online and offline around the world.

Several articles have previously been written about podcaster communities but never before has an in-depth study been carried out, providing a more comprehensive overview of the overall landscape. That’s why at Spreaker we recently decided to survey community organizers, gathering information on podcaster communities that are currently active. In this post, we will look at some of the main conclusions of our study.

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General Podcasting Tips

Top Tricks for Promoting Your Podcast With Instagram

Creating engaging content for your podcast should always be your main driving force but never forget the importance of social media, it’s such a fundamental tactic for growing your audience that we wanted to give you the tools to create a strategy for specifically promoting your podcast on Instagram!

Users are changing, attention spans are decreasing, and more people are getting their content via mobile – that’s why having another touchpoint to your listeners can only help you and your podcast.

Let’s look at how to use Instagram promotion and how to use it to the best of its (and your) ability.

How to Get Follows Via Your Bio

It’s the first thing that any potential podcast fan will see/read about you and your podcast and you’ve got just 150 characters to get them interested.

So, how do you promote on Instagram with your bio, in a smart way? Apart from being THE place to summarize what you’re about – it’s also where you should provide users with a link to your podcast (driving traffic to your podcast) and your program’s unique hashtag (helping your searchability). Our top advice is: use bitly to shorten your episode links and get some basic analytics or use to provide users with just one link which will lead them to every platform your podcast is on, your newsletter and website.

And, remember to update your link every time you upload a new episode, that way your followers will know to keep checking back for new content.

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