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We at Spreaker are on a constant mission to better the stats we offer – giving users the tools to maximize their podcasting success. Increasing the insight we offer via statistics and analytics is one of our main goals, and in particular, we love doing it via a combination of your feedback and industry innovations. Inspired recently by what Dan Misener, Head of Audience Development at Pacific Content, wrote here, we’ve been working to create our ‘Listening Evolution’ stats, which we’re pleased to announce are now available in your podcast’s statistics page.

What Are Your ‘Listening Evolution’ Statistics?

Your Listening Evolution statistics enable you to see your episode’s cumulative plays and downloads over a maximum of 30 days from its release date. This gives a much clearer picture than your daily trending charts which don’t give an overview of your individual episode performance. Also, you can track how well your episodes are being received and therefore make adjustments to release campaigns.

In short, these statistics tell you how your episodes perform over time, which in turn help you find ways to improve your podcast’s success. This is particularly interesting if you’re using the Spreaker Monetization Program – improving your episodes’ lifespan will also help you increase your revenue.

How Will the Listening Evolution Statistics Help Your Podcast?

Unsure how exactly to use this info? Let’s look at some examples of exactly how tracking your episodes’ lifespan will help you.

Situation 1:
You start to notice that on the 5th day after you release an episode your trajectory generally flattens out – what can you do? Starting from the next episode you can set an additional promotional campaign on social media and watch to see if this grants a longer listening life to your episodes.

Situation 2:
It becomes apparent that when you talk about specific topics your episodes have a longer lifespan than others. You can start to use this topic to grow your listener figures over time!
Also, you will discover that some episodes are more successful as “evergreen” episodes: you will be able to share these episodes months after their original release and watch their plays and downloads increase.

Situation 3:
By comparing the different evolution lines from your different episodes, you can understand whether sending an issue of your newsletter on the 10th day after the episode’s release gives you a better performance over promoting the episode with a Facebook ad.

Where Can You Find the Stats?

It’s super simple to find your Listening Evolution statistics. All you need to do is:

  1. Log on to Spreaker’s CMS
  2. Select the podcast you want to analyze and click on ‘Podcast Statistics’
  3. You’ll find the Listening Evolution stat here

That’s it! Now you know what this stat is and what you can do with it we hope you enjoy using it. This stat is available to all Anchorman and Station plans, which have the ‘Full Statistics’ as part of their accounts. For more info or to upgrade your account, check out the Plans page here.

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