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The Numbers Game: New Statistics added to Spreaker’s CMS


We’ve got a mission to provide the most complete, all-in-one podcasting solution out there with our CMS. It’s a professional dashboard that covers editing, feeds, social media distribution, and monetization opportunities (amongst other things) so that you have greater control over your content. Now we’ve ticked one more thing off our list of features: introducing statistics to Spreaker’s CMS.

They’re easier to access, and now thanks to a beautiful new redesign, even easier to read. Plus we’ve added a few extra goodies while we were at it – you’ll have the key to unlocking your audience in no time.

Why statistics are important

The importance of understanding your statistics cannot be overstated. They offer you a complete reading of your listeners, like who they are and where they’re from. With that insight, you get a clear idea of your podcast’s progress and how to further develop your content; stats function as feedback, encouraging you to keep doing what you’re doing, or pushing you to experiment and improve your process.

Detailed statistics are also crucial data to report to ad agencies and sponsors if you’re looking to monetize your content (if that’s the route you want to take, of course – Spreaker offers an easier, more automatic revenue sharing program, too). Ad providers want to be able to match up products and the audiences they’ll be advertised to as best as possible, and the stats you provide should be leveraged accordingly (for example, they’ll want to be sure that the men’s shaving kits they’re pushing aren’t getting featured on children’s programming). It’s similar in approach to any other type of content monetization – even bloggers have to provide reports of their readership to their sponsors, because why place an ad on your page that isn’t likely to get read or paid attention to? With the help of detailed statistics, you’ll be able to show them the power of your podcast’s reach and the who, what, where, and why of your listeners with one go.

How to read the new Statistics section

Adding our statistics to the CMS was a great excuse to do a little remodeling: you’ll find precise and easy to read charts at just a glance. To get to them, just click on the Statistics icon on the left-hand side of the CMS’ dashboard. From here, you’ll find a few different sections with varying information. Here’s a closer look at what they show:

The Quick Overview provides a general picture of your account’s progress and its plays, downloads, likes, and followers.


Just below are your Overall Statistics, which provide your account’s complete statistics in more detail. You’ll see your plays and downloads, likes, geolocation, demographics, and sources clearly displayed as graphs. You’ll also find a devices section – a new addition to Spreaker’s statistics. Toggle their date ranges by days, weeks, or months, or customize your own set of dates.

Here’s a rundown of what each sections means.


  • Plays and Downloads The number of times listeners have ever played or downloaded your content. Plays are also split between live plays and on-demand plays. You can change the timeframe and get data for days, weeks, and months, or you can set a customized timeframe.
  • Likes The number of times listeners have liked your show.
  • Geolocation A breakdown of the top cities and countries your listeners are tuning in from. See the percentage of listeners from any country by hovering the mouse over the map.
  • Demographics The ratio of men and women listening to your podcast, as well as their average ages.
  • Sources Where exactly listeners are tuning in to your podcast from, like Spreaker’s website and listening apps, embedded players placed across the web, podcatching platforms, and more.
  • Devices This new statistic shows the devices listeners are tuning in from—smartphones, tablets, or desktops—and their operating systems. You can get overall account data from the last six months, or see the devices linked to any single show or episode from the last 30 days.

And an upcoming release will also include the number of followers you have.

While all podcasters will be able to see their plays and downloads, you’ll notice that some statistics only unlock as you upgrade to bigger Pro plans. To get full access to every statistic available, you can upgrade to either the Anchorman or Station plans. Pro users (from Broadcaster and up) get another perk, too – the ability to export data as .CSV files, so that you can more easily share your figures with agencies and sponsors.

At the bottom of the page you’ll see a list of your shows and the overall play and download numbers for each. Click on any show to see its specific statistics displayed in the above graphs. You’ll also see a full listing of that show’s episodes – click on any episode to get its stats, too. For quicker access to what you’re looking for, use the search box just above.



With the new statistics section in the CMS, all the numbers you need are right at your fingertips. Take a spin and let us know what you think!

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