Reverse Any Podcast’s Episode Order, Plus 3 Other Ways to Control Your Listening Experience

Easy, intuitive, and totally up to you. That’s exactly how you want your podcast listening experience to be: to find what you want easily, to not stumble through podcasts you’re uninterested in during your search, and to ultimately make the choices you want to make, even while you’re listening.

With Spreaker Podcast Radio, we’ve kept what you want in mind, every step of the way from the moment you open the app. A handy search bar and curated lists and channels pieced together with care get you to the podcasts you’re looking for quickly and painlessly—and things don’t stop when you press play. Even as you’re listening in you get to take charge of what flows through your ears.

Playback features allow you to listen to whatever you want, however way you want it. We’re happy to announce that you now have the ability to reverse any podcast’s episode order, as well as use the other great features already available on the app, like a playback speed toggle, a sleep timer, and notifications for your favorite episodes.

Reverse the order from front to back

Spreaker Podcast Radio’s latest feature allows you to switch the episode order of any podcast from oldest to newest so that you can more accurately follow the narrative thread. You can listen to true crime podcast and audiobooks as they were meant to be experienced, from episode one, even if they’re already six episodes into the program. Reversing the episode order can be useful when listening to regular talk podcasts, too–follow your favorite host’s creative trajectory (and finally get all those inside jokes).

You can reverse the episode order of any podcast from its Info section.

Fawn over your favorites

When you’re a true podcast fan, you don’t just have one favorite, you have a lot of them. With notifications enabled for your favorited podcasts, you’ll never lose track of a single one. When you mark a podcast as a favorite, whether by selecting “Favorite” from the list of options when tapping on the “more” icon or tapping the star icon from its podcast view, not only will it be placed in your Favorites section, but you’ll also receive a notification every time a new episode is published.

Think fast, or slow

Sometimes, you’re totally crunched for time in a whirlwind rush. Other times, you’ve hit the jackpot with the niche-est of niche podcasts about your favorite subject, but the host is just…so…slow… And other times still, you’re listening to a special guest on your favorite podcast who just can’t seem to take a step back, or take a breath, for that matter.

In all these cases, manipulating the playback speed settings is the best option you’ve got.

You can set the playback speed by going to the episode view, and under the seek bar tap on OPTIONS (that’s on iOS, anyway, on Android you can tap on the settings icon at the top right). Tap and drag the yellow dot to get to your preferred speed.

Sleep it off

Lastly, there’s the sleep timer, a great feature if you like falling asleep to podcasts before bed or tend to nod off during the long commute home. The timer will turn off  the episode you’re listening to automatically after the specified amount of time you set it to (that way you don’t drain your battery unnecessarily). So, if you already have a feeling you’ll fall asleep in about five minutes, tap on “+5min.” To set it to fifteen minutes, you can tap on “+15min” or tap on “+5min” three times.

With Spreaker Podcast Radio, you have all the features you need to take listening matters into your own hands. Take a charge now: Download Spreaker Podcast Radio for iOS and Android now!

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