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Must Listen Podcasts for Pride Month

June is Pride Month, a month-long celebration of all things LGBTQ and human and civil rights. So, how can we celebrate the occasion? By highlighting the top 10 most interesting and exciting LGBTQ podcasts and podcasters.
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Meet Spreaker's Publisher Plan

Meet Spreaker’s Publisher Plan

Podcasting is no longer a budding media experiment. It is a mainstream medium that plays an essential role in the advertising and marketing strategies of thousands of podcast publishers. 
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Schedule Episodes Straight From Your Phone

We’re pleased to announce that it’s now possible to schedule podcast episodes straight from Spreaker Studio for mobile – a feature that was previously available via Spreaker Studio for Desktop. All it takes is a few taps to schedule your…
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Our Podcast Categories Have Had a Refresh

We’ve made a simple change that’s going to have a big impact on how listeners find you: we’ve updated our categories. Why is this so important? The latest version of Spreaker’s categories are now the same as Apple Podcasts’ categories…

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Spreaker Prime Podcasters Generate $1M in Ad Revenue

We’re so thrilled to announce the initial success of Spreaker Prime, our new white-glove service for talented independent podcasters and networks. In the first three months of the revenue-sharing program, our Spreaker Prime podcasters generated $1 million dollars via programmatic advertising,…

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