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4 Ways to Introduce Faith Casting to Your Podcast



faith casting

In general, when people think of faith, they tend to think of churches, preachers, bibles, and brimstone. Religion, along with money and politics is one of those “American taboos” that are generally forbidden to speak of around the dinner table. However, with the popularity of films like War Room, which leapt to #1 at the North American box office, dethroning Straight Outta’ Compton, and trouncing Guy Ritchie’s ‘A Man from U.N.C.L.E.’, stories of faith are striking a chord with audiences looking for inspiration in troubled times.

The strength of podcasting lies in the hosts’ ability to develop a relationship with their audiences; devoted listeners form a sort of kinship with the host. They start to feel like they “know” them. They travel with them on planes, commute with them to work, and listen to them throughout the day. Marcus Sheridan, author of The Power of Transparent Marketing to Rock Your Business in 2012 writes, “transparency demonstrates expertise, ultimately leading to trusting relationships.”

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Celebrate International #PodcastDay with us!



We’re only a few hours away from International #PodcastDay’s official kickoff, and we’re thrilled to be taking part in the long audio marathon starting today at 3 PM PDT.

Our own Rob Greenlee will take the stage, tomorrow, September 30th at 12 pm PDT, and you can tune in to the live stream here, as well as subscribe to the event!

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Get Powerful Calls to Action with Spreaker’s Buttons and Icons



You asked, and we listened! Now you can add branded Spreaker buttons to your site and give your listeners the right call to action.

Use our icons to let your audience know where they can listen to you, as well as give your podcasting page a professional tone.

Here’s an example of how it could look:


Choose the Spreaker badge or icon that fits best on your site; the badge will link back to the URL of your choice.

Did you put them on your site yet? Tweet us how it looks!


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Enhance Your Podcast with the Help of WordPress’ Sleek Themes


appendipity (1)
Keep your podcast page looking good and benefit from fully functional tools that will help you retain your listeners!

Starting today, through our Spreaker’s Store page you’ll be able to get a special offer on Appendipity‘s WordPress themes for your podcast.

With these specially set themes, you’ll find built-in features that will help grow your audience and keep loyal fans, whether it be lead generation, sales, or exposure to some of your oldest and greatest content.

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Spreaker Live Show Podcast

Spreaker Live Show featuring Rob Cesternino, Host of “Rob Has a Podcast”


In this episode, presented by Rob Greenlee, hear our Head of Content’s interview with Rob Cesternino during Podcast Movement 2015 event in Fort Worth, Texas.


– Building community around his podcasting efforts

– How producers can change a story with skillful editing

– Using new up and coming platforms like Periscope and Meerkat to connect with your podcast audience

– Whether branding and the right name matters when your podcast has great content

– How podcasting isn’t inherently easy, and the importance of cultivating a relationship with people

– Live podcasting’s role in connecting with listeners

– Cesternino’s career change in reaction to attending the first ever New Media Expo

– How monetizing took time for Rob’s podcast, and how he made sure to get to know his audience first

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Spreaker Live Show Podcast

SpreakerLive Show featuring Todd Pringle


This episode’s very special guest is Todd Pringle, VP/GM of Stitcher/Deezer, talking with Rob Greenlee about the advancements made on devices designed for in­-car listening. Let’s take a deeper look into what they discussed:

Remember when you had to sync podcasts? It’s a sure sign of who has been around the scene since the early days.

How Deezer is bitrate and quality focused

Is voice activation the future?

France’s strong music culture and passionate podcasters

How the automobile industry was a big draw for Deezer, leading them to buy Stitcher

How the Podcast Movement brings together different groups of people in a way that wasn’t happening in the industry before

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Podcasting Tips: How to Conduct an Awesome Podcast Interview


Great podcasts rely on great conversations.

Interviewing guests involve more than just asking the right questions. Your audience wants to hear captivating content.

“It’s about genuine interest, flow, vibe, sincerity, concern, digging deeper, defining the unclear, attracting stories, avoiding awkwardness and being conscious about all of that at the same time,” says Pat Flynn, host of The Smart Passive Income.

Spreaker wants you conduct an awesome podcast interview. Here are five strategies you can implement today:

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Promoting Your Podcast on LinkedIn to Build Authority


LinkedIn may not be your first choice with you think about promoting a podcast and getting listeners, but done correctly you will see an increase in listens, downloads and overall user interaction via this widely overlooked platform.

I’m sure you’re curious; how do I upload a podcast to LinkedIn? I’m glad you asked. LinkedIn added a feature in 2014 that now allows all its users to publish blog style content directly to their LinkedIn profile. To learn more about LinkedIn Pulse head over to LinkedIn Help. For the purposes of this post, we’re going to pretend you already understand the basics of LinkedIn Pulse.

Let’s navigate over to your Spreaker episodes listing:


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4 Reasons to Podcast With Your Mobile Device


Mobility is the best part about podcasting. Whether you’re attending a conference or enjoying a music concert, there’s an opportunity to capture excellent audio for your listeners.

Anny Solway, a contributor at Business 2 Community, says, “One of the great advantages of podcasting is its flexibility in terms of time and format.”

Mobile podcasting is a fun way to engage your audience into new sounds. It’s a good investment into showing, not just telling, your listeners how you can think outside the box and provide them with exceptional content.

The future of podcasting includes mobile devices. Let the Spreaker community help you. Here are five reasons to record on the go:

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6 Essential Tools for Launching Your Podcast


Podcasting continues to grow rapidly in this digital communication era. With several inexpensive and easy-to-use tools available, even a novice can produce high-quality content.

Research found that 32% of businesses desire to learn how to use podcasting and 23% have plans to increase their efforts. Marketers recognize the untapped potential of expanding into the podcasting industry.

“Podcasting has made a massive difference to the growth of my brand, businesses and my audience,” says Chris Ducker, host of The New Business Podcast.

Are you ready to get behind the mic? Get started today. Here’s a list of six essential podcasting tools:

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