The Building Blocks of a Great Podcast Episode


Take a look at the top rated podcasts in any podcast directory. They all take an enormous amount of care in producing each episode. Serial, for example, took over a year for a team of researchers to compile and organize all the content to produce just 12 episodes.

So how do you prepare your show notes for your epic podcast episodes?

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How to Create a Podcast – Tip#2

Podcasting Beginner Unhappy Baby700

Are you ready to get ahead of your competition?

Podcasts are in the hand of anyone with a smartphone, and in 2015 it will be in cars too!  We talked about Your Story, or the content of your podcast, in Tip#1 of this How to Create a Podcast series.

Now let’s talk about the obvious component, sound. I know which question you’re asking – How can I get good quality sound without spending too much?  The reality is that you can create a great quality podcast without going into debt, and get the results you want.

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Listen to your podcasts with ease with Google Chrome!


Do you use Google Chrome as your favorite browser? Good choice!

We’ve introduced an extra feature to make listening to your favorite podcasts easier from your Mac!

Now you can control what you listen to by using the play, pause, and skip buttons on your keyboard, no matter what pages you’re looking at.
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How to Create a Podcast – Tip#1

man podcasting

We’re happy to introduce our new friends and latest partnership, the Podcasting by Professional team!

Did you know that people just like you are changing the world? Podcasting will get your message out as well as grow your network like no other medium.

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Broadcasting Live 24/7 with Tube is now easier than ever!


Maintaining a 24/7 non-stop broadcast is fun and rewarding, but comes with its challenges, especially if you’re using Tube, the tool we offer to our Professional podcasters that allows you to connect external tools to Spreaker’s stream.

Having your connection drop may feel like a big drawback, but we’ve got a new solution for you.

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Get your Youtube stats!

Love having detailed stats on your shows? So do we! We’re excited to introduce a new figure to your podcasts’ analytics!
Spreaker has always been the only podcasting platform out there allowing you to export your content to Youtube. It only makes sense to have your plays there counted towards your overall stats, too.

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Spreaker is Now Available on Sonos!


Podcasts have never sounded so good!

We are very excited to announce our latest integration with Sonos(R), the Wireless HiFi System that allows you to wirelessly stream all your favorite music or content in any room of your home. Tuning in is easy: Just start with a Sonos speaker, your smartphone, and a WiFi connection. Continue reading

5 fears preventing you from podcasting

Today I would like to focus on that set of fears preventing businesspeople from exposing themselves through a podcast.

Despite podcasting being widely reputed as an excellent marketing solution to reach new clients and broaden one’s business horizon, it is not unusual to see professionals postponing their first step in the arena until the entire operation falls through. One excuse after the other.

Here are the 5 main reasons why you are afraid to step into podcasting

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More analytics for you: demographics now available!


A few weeks ago we announced new geolocation information in our statistics so you could see where your listeners come from. Now we’ve added even more stats details!

Starting today, you’ll be able to see the male to female ratio of your listenership in addition to plays, sources, and more. Getting to know your audience will help you better focus your content and frame it accordingly, as well as better market and monetize your podcast.

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